When do you start to 'LOVE' it?

redfroggie Posts: 591 Member
This is something i've heard or read from people who run a lot, they LOVE it. They find it addicting and just have to do it. When the heck does this kick in? I know I am only on week 3 but as the routine gets longer and longer I am hoping for the LOVE to come along soon. When it's running day, I kinda sort of LIKE it, but as soon as I'm slogging along out of breath and legs are burning I HATE it. I want the LOVE, I really do! So please please tell me when it happened for you and that it will happen for me.


  • Summerleahd
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    Week three. It really kicked in. I only did one day or week 1 and 2 so I guess really the first couple times I went. I'm now starting week 5 and I love it. I usually run/walk for an extra 30 minutes after the program. Yesterday I went 18 minutes of running without stopping!
  • Caerthilian
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    I used to run/walk a mile before breakfast on work days, and when friends said how lovely it must be, to be out so early, I used to say "Yes, it is, except for the running!" So I know exactly what you mean. I enjoy it more as I start to get (a very little) better, but what I do love is actually completing the 5k, even if I've walked half of it, my time's lousy and it nearly killed me! It's such a buzz. And sheer envy of those who do it so easily - that keeps me going too!

    I'm on W3D3 and I'm determined that it'll get better and I WILL enjoy it!
  • tameko2
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    That's called runner's high - some people never get it. I don't know if I'm like "oh boy I sure love running" when I'm out, but I love the result and I love the fact that I *am* running <-- if that makes sense.

    I mean I'm not sure I ever think "boy I sure love slapping pavement with my feet" but I do think "oh my gosh I'm RUNNING!" and that's pretty good.
  • KiyaK
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    Not sure if I can say I LOVE running, but now I can say I enjoy it a lot, which is a HUGE improvement from completely and totally hating it lmao. And that didn't happen for me until maybe a week ago, and I just started week 8.
  • redfroggie
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    Thanks everyone. I would love the runners high, but as long as I continue to get out there and do it, that's what counts. W3D3 today. In the fog.
  • adrianneyk
    Yesterday. Yesterday I loved it for the first time. In fact, as I think of what I felt yesterday, I smile. I smiled all day today. I am in week six but I have actually be C25King since late September. I had to rehab an ankle that I BADLY sprained on my 2nd run prolonging training.Anyhow...yesterday when I got home from work I decided to go for a run. I usually run in the morning but had the urge to run after work. It was cold and windy but I ran and kept running. I didn't want to stop. My shins were hurting like crazy (I have always suffered from insane shin splints). After I reached minute 20 at a run (ok-animated shuffle to some but a run for me) I couldn't feel my shins. They felt sort of numb from the cold. For the first time...I felt like a runner.