Feline Stomatitis

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I was wondering what the current thought is on feline stomatitis? My own cat was just diagnosed with it. Full mouth extractions (although her teeth are in good shape), pain meds, abs, sucralfate, and possibly corticosteroids are being considered. She is currently hospitalized for weight loss. Turns out she has horrible ulcers in the back of her mouth, far back enough that I couldn't see them.

I was convinced she was in renal failure, which luckily she is not.

Anyway, what's the latest treatment you've heard of?

This is my Selkie:


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    What you've listed is all I've ever heard for aggressive treatment. Of course, I work in a somewhat small and rural clinic....
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    yeah i have not heard of anything new and exciting. just the old stand bys
  • I know its been awhile since you posted this question but I have an opinion. I work at a dental specialty clinic. We do about 3-5 full mouth extractions a week. Whether its due to feline resorptive disease, or stomatitis, we are no stranger to cats leaving us with no teeth,
    Personally my fathers cat had a horrible case of stomatitis. She had lost about 5 lbs, and stopped eating pretty much. We saw her and immediatly said, full mouth extractions!

    I know its a tough decision to make, but with the teeth gone, and the gums to heal since there is no plaque to create the stomatitis.

    Hope this helps!
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    I'm not adverse to having all her teeth extracted. I know it would make her much more comfortable, and that's what's important. Unfortunately right now it's a money issue. I'm looking at ~$1500, on top of what I already owe. But it will happen. For now she's gained at least 3 lb back just from eating canned food and managing medically.