Good to know I'm not alone

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I recently decided to quit smoking as I had lost my part time job, and decided I needed the money for otehr things. Many times I have broken down, I actually quit for a few weeks, adn ended up buying a pack. My fiancee says he's proud of me, and hopes he can do it as well one day. ( I doubt it) I have had 2 of his, of course never smoked the whole thing, i hate mentol cigs!

I have been so close to buying a pack lately, my stress is thru the roof, and I totally want to cry. SInce I started to quit smoking, I noticed it took me a full month to loose 1 pound, kinda depressing for me, as I still have like 25 more to go. If anyne has any tips, I would be more then happy to hear them.


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    Drink a lot of water. Buy some fire balls or hard candy. Take a walk when you want to smoke.
    Learn to knit anything to do with your hands. It will pass. the addiction is over in about 8 or 9 days.
    The habit part kicks in after that. Just do things to keep your mind off of it. don't worry about the weight thing.
    but buy healthy snacks. empty calorie stuff celery, low fat things. You can do this. Don't give up. cry if you want to.
    But you can do this I quit after 40 years.
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    Hi! I guess I don't really have any tips, but justed wanted you to know you are not alone. I'm starting my quit tomorrow, and I'm very nervous about it, but that's what these boards are for! I feel like if I can quit, then anyone can. I'm rooting for you!
  • patiencez2
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    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing?
    Thinking of you all!