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getting over stomach bug woes

Supermel Posts: 612 Member
So i have this goal right now of being under 150. Even 149.9 will make me so happy for a mini goal. I was doing quite well and bam, monday had a nasty stomach virus with various symptoms :P I could keep down water by Tuesday but nothing low carb seemed like it would stay down, so i had some crackers and apple, broth etc and have not had any carbs since wed morning's toast (small piece). I am not really down any weight (maybe one pound) and am stuck since wed at 151.2 ... this is truly the sucky part of LC (only part i haven't liked) that i didn't lose weight after the stomach bug haha. So hoping the scale budges soon! Just venting- want to see some progress as Christmas set me back, then a weekend away... and unlike most, one cheat day sets me back for ages...