Marathon recovery

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What do you do?

I like to get out and start running ASAP. I basically do my taper in reverse.

For a Sunday race I usually take one rest day, then take a walk on Tuesday and take an easy jog on Wednesday. That first run hurts (sore muscles) every step of the way, but I always feel so much better once I'm done.

I keep running and each day gets better and better. By the weekend, I'm usually ready for a 10 - 12 miler.


  • MissFit0101
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    bumping to read later
  • IronmanPanda
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    I've never run a full but I'm sure if I did my recovery would have to include massage and jacuzzi. Oh and a cookie buffett.
  • bert16
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    I've been watching the thread to see what others say, as I only have one data point (from the marathon I just ran a month ago). I ran 3 days after my marathon; kept it limited to easy runs for the first couple weeks, with mostly 3 milers and a 6 miler in the mix. During the third week, I was up to ~18 miles for the week, and this past week was the 4th week post marathon and I ran 27 miles. So I suppose I'm following the arc918 method of getting back out there and running! But since this is the first time I've ever recovered from a marathon, I can hardly declare this a fabulous success or a horrific failure... will have to let you know a while from now! :embarassed:
  • scottb81
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    I did my last marathon with the Galloway run/walk (3:50) so maybe that made recovery easier. The day after I ran 5 miles and went a total of 32 for the week. The second week I ran 67 and the third week was back to base training at 75. I'm not sure that the run/walk made me faster, but it did seem to make recovery a lot easier.
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    I ran a half marathon.
  • hkulbacki
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    My 1st marathon I took a week completely off after... and was absolutely miserable by the end of the week! Since then I've done light runs and some biking, taking it easy but pretty much going as far as I feel like for a week or two. Then back to normal training runs for whatever event I've signed up for next :)
  • rybo
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    Only one marathon to have recovered from. Sunday race, took off monday. Walked Tuesday & Wednesday, ran thurs, friday & sunday.
    The following week I was back up to 26 miles including a 13+ mile long run.

    I probably would have been running by Wednesday, but I had some foot swelling issues. Lesson from that, the night after my nexy marathon, I'll elevate my feet alternating with an ice bath.
  • thepetiterunner
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    My last marathon was on a Sunday, so I took the rest of Sunday off and Monday too, ran a short 3 miler on Tuesday and by Wednesday things were pretty much back to normal. I did some icing on my knees and ankles right after the race, but that was pretty much it :)
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    what about food???? do you just have what your body craves?
  • arc918
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    what about food???? do you just have what your body craves?

    Cookies of course!

    Just whatever I feel like. Pre-race I'm always worried about not getting an upset stomach (can't PR while sitting in a porta-potty during the race). After the race, game on! I think we went to an Indian buffet after my last one.
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    My plan is to put a all you can eat out of business, rest for two days, then start running again, probably just a week of three milers before moving onto a new training plan