New Hiker & Mount Tam

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I'm a relatively new hiker, any advice is welcome. I did this hike today:

My ultimate goal is this:

I know I need a good pair of hiking boots, right now I am hiking in my tennis.


  • L00py_T0ucan
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    Nice photo - cute dog!

    You might want to figure out if you plan to use the hiking boots for backpacking, or mainly for day hikes.
    I bought a rather substantial pair b/c I was going backpacking in Fall, w/ the possibility of the temperatures dropping to around freezing. I wear them even on day hikes in summer b/c I like to have the extra ankle support.
    However I have not gone backpacking since ( :cry: ) and might have bought a lighter pair if I had known that at the time...

    I am a member and so am biased, but they very helpful at REI.

    Bay Area is so beautiful. :flowerforyou: Enjoy your hike(s)!
  • JoniBologna
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    I wish I could provide more advice for hiking in the Bay Area! I have done a little hiking out that way. Two years ago, I hiked to Alamere Falls in Point Reyes. It was so beautiful. It was the first time I have hiked across sand, and I even had my own private beach. :smile:
    As with any hiking, be prepared on what could occur weather-wise and make sure to have adequate clothing for this. Likewise, boots or even trail running shoes are great for hiking, just depends on what level of support you are looking for. Comfortable socks are important too. You will want to be aware of any rubbing and practice good blister prevention. It is good to carry a small first aid kit, food and water, a flash light, a knife, sunscreen, lip balm, bug spray, a map of the area, a compass, matches, etc. Of course, for short hikes closer to civilization I will not bring all of this, but cut it down to bare essentials in a smaller bag. However, it never hurts to be prepared. Enjoy!