"Exercise" on break!

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OK...I just did some exploring of my building. I have been here since July and JUST realized this building has 6 floors. I work on 2. I have been adding bits of exercise (should say activity) here and there..I always take the stairs (it is one flight...just as fast as the elevator), I have started using the bathroom on the first floor to get that down and up activity in. Well, TODAY I decided to explore the building and I actually worked up a sweat going slowly up to 6th then back down to 2nd. (got winded, but that's OK. I'll get better) This took 4 minutes. So I logged in in cardio since I was huffing and puffing and starting to sweat. I know it wasn't long, but it was an extra 127 calories! I think I'll do it again this next break!

What do you do to squeeze in movement?


  • arisher
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    I really struggle in the this area. I telecommute 3 days a week and they are the worst. I don't take breaks like I should and move around. When I'm in the office I'm so busy I don't have time. I used to walk the steps or walk around the building whenever I could get away from my desk at other jobs when I didn't telecommute.
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    Where I currently work at. We do have a fitness center on site. Available to all employees 24/7. I did use to walk on my breaks/lunch but I haven't in a long time.. I notice I dont get up anymore for my breaks/lunch to walk like I use. Since I started back working out and back on MFP. I have been trying to get away from my desk for breaks/lunch. I have to make it a point to step away from my desk and get to moving around. Not only is this good for helping me lose the weight, but is great for my stress at work. I try to walk 20-30 mins for lunch, since my lunch break is an hour long.. My co-worker did get me a tip since I work on the 7th floor of my building. Start on the 3rd floor, take the flight of steps up to the next floor, walk around the entire floor back to the Exit, then walk up to the next flight, keep continuing this until I make it back up to the 7th floor. I should be able to do this on one of my 15 mins breaks.....
  • mjterp
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    @MsShelfay- Great idea about walking the stairs one flight then the floor. I'm grabbing that idea!!
  • judy20in2011
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    I have bought an jump rope and on 15's will jump in the downstairs office!