New Bikram Yoga studio opening in Middletown

MotivateMeg Posts: 110 Member
I don't know if anyone near Middletown has tried Bikram Yoga (hot yoga), but I did it for a few months before I moved here and loved it (eventually)! It will apparently be opening on April 23. I will definitely be a regular there. Just a heads up for everyone else.


  • dancingnancies
    dancingnancies Posts: 255 Member
    awesome! where is it opening?
  • MotivateMeg
    MotivateMeg Posts: 110 Member
    It will be on Court Street and it opens April 23rd.
  • starbucksbuzz
    starbucksbuzz Posts: 466 Member
    Have you gone? How is it? Middletown isn't too far for me and i love yoga
  • MotivateMeg
    MotivateMeg Posts: 110 Member
    I just started going this week. Great studio. There are showers, but no shampoo/soap dispensers so you have to bring your own. If you've never done hot yoga, the room is 105 degrees. Bring a yoga mat, a towel to cover your mat, a hand towel for wiping sweat and a big bottle of water. The class is 90 minutes long. Hydrate a ton throughout the day and don't eat 2 hours before your class starts.