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Coping with Allergies while trying to complete c25k

fitplease Posts: 647 Member
I am doing c25k at my own pace and now have made it up to the middle of Week 5. I run outside, both out of personal preference and a dislike of treadmills and the expense of the gym. I can now say that I enjoy my time running. However, this is a bad allergy week for me. I have had some pretty bad sinus pressure and am feeling a little wheezy (tested & don't have asthma). Although meds are helping, I don't want to aggravate my symptoms. I've tried running just before sunset, when pollen levels might be lower, but wondered if there are any other things I could do to make running outside a little easier on me. I thought about going inside to run, but I have to go out every day anyway, so it just doesn't make sense to me to avoid the outdoors altogether.

Thanks for the input! :-)


  • wally1uk
    wally1uk Posts: 120
    I've been thinking about this today as I suffer from hayfever. I'm going to be going to the doctors to see what he can do to help, but I'm guessing that it's just going to be more antihistamines.
  • nermal6873
    nermal6873 Posts: 344 Member
    I have allergic asthma (only get wheezy due to allergens). My doctor prescribed me an albuterol inhaler. I take my 2 puffs about 30 minutes before I go on a run and have no problems. Maybe talking to your doc about that (or any other meds) that you can take just as needed before runs?
  • d3mon4ngel
    d3mon4ngel Posts: 242 Member
    I have asthma and hayfever. I've just been taking a hayfever tablet before going out for the run, to stop my eyes from getting so itchy. I'm supposed to keep my inhaler with me just in case, but I've been naughty and not taking it with me.

    However, I have found that as soon as I start getting warmed up, my nose runs continually. From a quick google search, it's quite a common problem, but it does mean that I can't breathe through my nose at all while I'm out running. If I try and can't get a big enough breath, I have a bit of an "asthma panic". I've found I run better when I don't concentrate on my breathing at all - I breathe through my mouth near enough all the time while I'm out and just let my lungs do their thing.