Whats your favorite recipe or cookbook?

mjterp Posts: 655 Member
For dairy free...Min is by FAR the UN-cheese cookbook. It has a brocoli cheeda soup that is AMAZING. But FIVE LOAVES rocks, too! (it's vegan and has an amazing lasagna!)

SO...what's YOUR favorite recipe/cookbook to help curb the cravings for dairy?


  • VeganMotoGirl
    VeganMotoGirl Posts: 43 Member
    I really like "Go Dairy Free" is a life saver! Even though I am not a vegan, "Veganomics" is a great cook book. I add meat to most entree dished but it gives great side disn and salad options that are by default dairy free. Also "The Joy of Vegan Baking" is an excellent desert book that is all dairy free,
  • BeesKnees181
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    I make a raw and dairy free cashew cream sauce that is delicious over pasta and veggies. It reminds me of an alfredo type sauce but more fresh tasting (if that makes sense). I don't have many dairy free cookbooks. I have been blessed to have vegan friends that have passed on their recipes to me, and I use a number of websites (Elana's pantry and Karina gluten free goddess are two of my favorite sites). The second runner up for great dairy free fixin' is my dairy free 7 minute frosting - so pretty and so delicious! If anyone wants recipes let me know. I can post them...though I think most of them are in my food diary :happy: