Overall Memorial Day Goal

vmbourg Posts: 125 Member
I posted that I would like to weigh 156 by memorial day , but I think I might meet that goal a little early. So my goal is to lose at least an average (keyword here is average) of 1 pound a week as well as try to fit into these new shorts I bought that give me the largest muffin top on the planet !! What are your guys goal for the big MAY 28th ?!?


  • Amazingday
    Amazingday Posts: 682 Member
    Well, I will be thrilled if I can lose 5lbs.... and get my waders for clamming. I would love to be in a size 12 by then but I think that is at least 10 lbs away.... we'll see what I can pull off!
  • slleeper68
    slleeper68 Posts: 14 Member
    I would be happy with another 10 pounds gone. I would really like more than that, but I will take anything I can get. I am finally not losing like I was and it gets very frustrating. I would also, love to be in a size 12!!! We will see, best of luck everyone. We will see what the scale says tomorrow!!! YIKES!!!!
  • mom2mozart
    mom2mozart Posts: 307 Member
    My initial goal was 150 (overall). I'm now at 154 (was down to 153 on Saturday a.m.) and I just reset my goal to 145. Will reassess when I get there. I would like my belly fat to completely disappear. Don't know what weight will make that happen... The past few weeks as I've gotten closer to my goal weight and a healthy BMI - my loss rate has slowed significantly. As long as I keep losing something I'll be satisfied. I would love to be at or under my initial goal of 150 by Memorial Day.
  • MeRoBi
    MeRoBi Posts: 127 Member
    My initial goal was 1 pound a week, which would put me at 131. I'm going to stick with that, although I've increased my calories...(I think t I finally understand the whole BMR, TDEE thing), so I'm a little anxious about the results. I'm really going to try to stay off the scale until Monday (unsuccessful this morning :tongue: ). Wishing you all a successful week!