Please dumb it down for me!

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Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to start NROL4W for months, and now that I have a bench, weights, and barbell set up in the garage (yay!) I'm anxious to start, but the way the workout plan is written leaves a lot to be desired IMO.

I found conflicting starter guides in MFP, so I hope someone can dumb it down for me further!

On Page 140, am I reading this right, you're supposed do the following workouts the first week?
Workout A: 1, 2
Workout B1: 1,2
Workout B2: 1,2
Workout C1: 1,2
Workout C2: 1,2

And the second week you do:
Workout A: 3,4
Workout B1: 3,4


Thanks! :flowerforyou:


  • loricolwill
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    Not quite....:smile:

    There's a workout A and a workout B. Each workout has an A, B1, B2, C1, C2.

    So for your first workout (A1), you will do the following....
    Exercise A
    Exercise A
    Exercise B1
    Exercise B2
    Exercise C1
    Exercise C2
    Exercise C1
    Exercise C2

    For your second workout (B1) you will do the exercises for workout B in the same manner as above.

    The workout A, the workout B for your following two workouts.

    So wk 1 is A1, B1, A2
    Week 2 is B2, A3, B3

    It is pretty confusing. I hope that helps.
  • nixirain
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    In the book it looks confusing because it shows 8 workouts on 4 lines so it seams like you are suppose to do them all. The reason is the first and second time you do workout A (all exercises under Work out A section) you do 2 sets 15 reps. Same thing with Workout B. Then you do the reps suggested for work out 3 and 4 and so on.

    you do each A and B 8 times totaling 16 work outs

    The work outs alternate between A and B. We put a number next to it 1-8 to show where we are in the program

    If you do it like the book suggests you would do you would

    Mon: Workout 1A

    Wed: Workout 1B

    Fri: Workout 2A

    Mon: Workout 2B


    Hope this helps