Virgin Coconut Oil - Long-term - Success Stories?

debbylee22 Posts: 456 Member
I just started using virgin coconut oil, working at getting up to the 3 TBS. @ day. But I'm not sure I want to go that high. So far, it seems to be effecting me in a positive way, but I am not totally convinced. It just feels so greasy & "cloggy" :sick:

If you have been using this in your diet long term, please share your story. The reason I say long-term is, we can all do well "at first" on almost any change in our diets.


  • shamr0ck
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    I've been using it for a bit over a year. I put a teaspoon in my tea a couple times a day, and use it for cooking. it has done wonders for my skin and hair. I've lost weight while using it, but i've made other significant changes as well, so don't know how much it correlates.
  • debbylee22
    debbylee22 Posts: 456 Member
    Hi Shamrock,
    Thanks for your answer. That sounds pretty sensible, how you're adding it. You look great, by the way! Congrats!
    Do you have thyroid issues too? I am thinking that it is helping the thyroid for sure. Also the constipation... and it sure hasn't interfered with wt. loss, but nor really sped it up.