Feeling better :-)

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I saw my Dr. today & my TSH level is normal. And when I told him my symptoms he lowered my dose, to be checked in 2 weeks. I also told him about the bad experience with the kelp drops (bad heart reaction). He suggested I try adding seaweed, so I bought that today & tasted it. Yuk! But I'll try some in my salads, as he suggested.

This Dr. is willing to work with me, so I will continue with him. The pharmacist mentioned that all the Dr's prescribe the natural Thyroid to some of their patients, so that option will be open for me. Still might go to the naturapath... most likely I'll procrastinate...

So, except for the intolerance to heat, and the heart palpitations, I am feeling better. :flowerforyou: Actually had a great day of exercise & don't feel exhausted! :drinker:


  • Wisewoman888
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    nice to hear Debbylee!:happy:

    keep me posted with your progress, I'd love to hear how you're getting on.:wink: