Just had the best skating workout

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The title says it all really. The club at which I skate is well known training centre that has produced some good skaters. We adults are spoiled with about 4 hours of ice available to us every day. In the mornings we have group classes with the elite coaches as well which are pretty special.

Well I went in tonight just to skate and work on my dance a little bit and lo and behold one of the directors/coaches was there with her son (a hockey player) and a senior lady to work on some stroking. She invited us adults to skate along with them. At first we were "shy" but after about 15 minutes we joined in and omg I haven't sweated so much in a long time at the rink. It felt really good to be pushed like that to keep up with kids less than half my age. I will certainly feel it tomorrow.


  • Qarol
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    I love to sweat at the rink. Steam rises from my head. It's a pretty frequent occurrence.
  • Sp1nGoddess
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    That's fantastic! I take an adult stroking class on Saturdays' their goal is to make our legs burn and make us sweat!