BMF versus fitbit or others

terrigrace Posts: 199 Member
Hi! I've noticed some wonky readings on my very old Reebok HRM, even when I change the batteries. Just wondering if anyone out there has an opinion on BMF (body media fit) versus fitbit or even bodybugg. The BMF looks maybe a bit more accurate with the armband for readings. I'm really curious to find out more about my sleep pattern. I work 2 or 3 night shifts (depending on the week) and 2 evening shifts, have a toddler at home, and know I don't sleep well on the days following my night shifts. I'm really curious to see how much sleep I'm actually getting, because I know it effects my weight loss. Ok, my crappy food choices don't help either, but still. LOL Thanks in advance, all you wonderful EM2LW people. I love eating . . .