Hi, I've finished! Has anyone else?
I didn't take enough measurements to start but but I have lost 6lb since starting it and quite a few inches, I can also see a big difference in my back, shoulders, abs, legs everywhere actually! I am surprised and pleased that i did actually finish and not give up!

The questions is - what do I do now?? I still found it all very hard, sometimes unsure if I was actually doing some of the exercises properly and fully, the stomach ones on level 3 I couldnt complete the scissors each time - so do i continue maybe alternate between level 2 and 3 every other day until it becomes so easy? Do I get ripped in 30 or 6wk 6pack? What does everyone else plan to do??



  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341
    I started a few days later so I won't be finishing up until Friday, that will be my day 10 on level 3.

    I am going to start Ripped in 30 on Saturday, I did that one last year after I completed this one and liked it just as much as the 30DS. That one has 4 levels, you move on to the next one each week.

    I've also done the 6 week/6 pack and that is very good but does focus more on the abs than anything else.
  • charlottehammerton
    charlottehammerton Posts: 19 Member
    Ok thank you, i have started looking at the reviews on them, we're going away this weekend so will have a break then I might do a week or so of alternating levels on 30DS because I still cant do bits of it properly! Then i will order the next DVD!! I think probably Ripped in 30 may as well carry on all over rather than just the abs!
  • jdel987
    jdel987 Posts: 15 Member
    I am so excited! I just took my final measurements and I have lost 4 pounds and a total of 12 inches. Can't wait to start ripped in 30.
  • rainbownerdsgirl
    rainbownerdsgirl Posts: 14 Member
    I am going back to pick your level pilates. I just really love that work out , I feel so much more relaxed and energized after it. (it is on netflix)
  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341
    I'm of this morning. Did the full 30 days, 10 days on each level. :)

    The main results I got out of it was getting more toned, I feel stronger and some of my clothes fit better. I didn't lose much weight, I think it was only like 3-4 lbs. but I don't have many lbs. to lose anyway.

    I am going to start Ripped in 30 tomorrow.