What is your "short term goal for this summer?"

Doublelee Posts: 9 Member
My goal is to try to lose at least one pound a week.

I have been a KOPS twice and each time for a couple of years, then Life would happen. I am determined to be a KOPS again, but not by dieting anymore. This MyFitnessPal is awesome and it does make a difference. I'm anxious to tell all my TOPS friends about it.

I find when I eat healthy foods and cannot exercise I still lose. If I am able to exercise, than I am able to eat a bit more of the healthy food and still lose. I would not have learned that without the MyFitnessPal site.


  • magtize
    magtize Posts: 42 Member
    My goal is to become a KOPS Doing a challenge on MFP to lose 15 pounds by end of August.That will make me KOPS.
    Have support of my chapter and family and friends.
    Lets be successful
  • Joyfulll1
    Joyfulll1 Posts: 19 Member
    My goal is to be down to 150 lbs by July 12 which is my yearly check up. Eleven pounds to go....it's gonna happen....it's gonna happen.....
  • TOPSRose
    TOPSRose Posts: 22 Member
    My goal is to reach KOPS status over this summer. I am 15 pounds, as well, and I know I can do it. I lost 25 pounds over the summer last year. Of course, I had a lot more to lose then which made losing a lot easier.
  • thatTOPSlady
    thatTOPSlady Posts: 199
    When school starts back, my goal is to be less than 250 pounds (I'm 265.9 today). Also, I'm participating in my first ever 5K on June 23rd :)
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 47 Member
    My goal is to lose 5 pounds by the end of August for the summer weightloss challenge to get an award at our Fall Rally.
  • fuzzbugjr
    fuzzbugjr Posts: 27 Member
    My short term goal is to at least stop gaining. I will be ecstatic with any loss I can get. Long, boring story.
  • hausfrau30
    hausfrau30 Posts: 5 Member
    My short term summer goal is to be consistent in logging my food and staying in my calorie goal each day. Any weight loss as a result is a bonus, but I'd like to lose at least 5lbs by the end of August.
  • Amazon_Who
    Amazon_Who Posts: 1,092 Member
    Mine has been to get back into fresh weight. I am .2 away from it. :ohwell: