What are your fave low-carb treat/splurges?

maremare312 Posts: 1,143 Member
What do you like to spend a few extra carbs on daily/occasionally? I'm treating myself to a glass of dry red wine tonight. Boy, after being off of sugar for a bit, it's amazing how sweet even dry wine us (I'm usually a sweet, dessert wine, late harvest Gerwursterminer type girl). I'm also enjoying a MIM every day or so. Tomorrow I'm making a sugar-free cheesecake with an almond meal crust, very excited!


  • ZipperJJ
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    I keep cut-up strawberries in my fridge, "marinating' in Splenda. I use 1/2 cup a day in my lunch smoothie.

    But when I'm feeling surly, like on a Friday night, I just go to town on the strawberries and eat them out of the container with a fork. REBEL!

    I make LC cheesecakes from time to time. I don't consider them a splurge - I consider them a right! :D
  • TheVimFuego
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    Red wine, nightly :)

    I have managed to stick to 30g carbs during the day for the past couple of months so I figure I have some leeway.

    Once I hit my new goal I might go nuts and introduced some garlic mashed potato back in, because I make it so well :)
  • jlbay
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    Wine!! I'm learning to control myself at one glass. Not as hard as you might think, considering my love of wine.

    Fruit - mostly berries.

    Fruit smoothies.

    80% dark chocolate from Green & Blacks...or a dark chocolate from Hotel Chocolate.

    I'm experimenting with frozen yogurt. I've got mango and coconut greek yogurt (unsweetened) in the fridge. It is a bit carb heavy (29 net for full serving), but I'm not super low carb and it has a little protein and no added sugar. Plus, I think I'll only eat a half serving in reality. I only had a tablespoon last night after dinner.
  • cramernh
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    I prefer to configure in for three Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses. Its only 8 carbs and about 59 calories. I find after lunch this to be a great end to my lunch break at work...
  • maremare312
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    Ooh, great ideas! I'll have to haul out my ice cream machine in a few weeks and see what kind of concoction I can make!
  • Chokis
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    Low carb dark chocolate from Trader Joe's Sometimes Atkins bars, but i have to be careful with those, sugar alcohol have an impact on me if I eat too much.
  • Elmorlan
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    Ghiradelli Intense Dark chocolate. A serving is 4 pieces (CRAZY) so I can eat one and not feel any guilt!