Do you skate all summer?

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Just putting the question out there. I know he competitive skaters here do, the rink at which I skate is full of international skaters right now here for choreography and summer training. People ask what I will do while my son is at camp there....that is easy sit and watch the quads and all the other glorious skating,

Are we adult skaters or just non competitive skaters here lacing up this summer? I have one last synchro session today and I plan to still skate for our spring sessions which end at the end of June. I will skate this summer, especially since I plan getting new skates for my birthday so I will have to break them in. Also a friend has decided I should compete at the adult competition in Oberstdorf next year and has plans for me to skate with a student of his partner so I can go to that. We shall see what my husband has to say about that.


  • Qarol
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    I'll be skating all summer. My coach went and got herself a day job teaching elementary school. That means she's never available for lessons when I'm at the rink (and she doesn't give lessons on Sundays, either). BUT school's out for the summer so I intend to get a bunch of coaching in while she's available. It's time to get back to working on my axel. That's on my bucket land a damn axel before I die or become too old to hoist my body in the air.
  • toadiejones
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    I only skate 1 day a week during the summer...then again, I only skate 1 day a week year round now. I miss summer skating.
  • Alisontheice
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    I have decided to hold off on the new skates and instead I am going to test my Tango Romantica. I haven't done a dance test in many many years. Should be interesting.
  • stiobhard
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    Summer has just started but yes, that is the plan... But it has been mad crowded since school let out.
  • sophomorelove
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    I can only afford/make it to the rink once a week during the summer, but if I had a chance, I'd go every day. Since, there's no coach, the plan is to work on my edges and turns (2-foot, mohawk) on my untalented side. Off the ice, I am stretching like mad (for spirals, shoot the duck, and the spread eagle) and jogging when I can.
  • Tw1zzy
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    I skate all summer - I can usually skate on the cheaper and normally empty public session at lunch but with school out I skate on the more crowded freestyle. AM freestyles are great but the lunch session can be busy and not many of us adults. I lift weight, do cardio, yoga and stretch when I can.
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    I skate in the summer also :)