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Hey all. I have been on atkins for a couple of months. I started at 145 pounds (a healthy weight) I am 5ft5. I have followed the book, lost a few then gained a few after a weekend on the booze 3 weeks in, drinking low carb beer of course. The last month I have not touched a drink and friday had a couple at dinner, and now weigh in at 149. what the f??? i have eaten out a couple of times and stuck to salads, and although I may cheat here and there, like an extra tblsp of cream or cheese, how can I be gaining?? AND I am working out. Today I just feel bloated and yuck and feel like throwing in the towel. This sucks.


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    It seems pretty clear that the sugars in the beer are what are causing you to hold water weight. Stay off alcohol for awhile or if you must, hard liquor is better, carb-wise.
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    Hey! I can't see your diary so I can't say anything for sure. Are you getting enough water? From the sound of it, like how you're bloated, it seems like you need to be drinking a lot more. I try to drink 100 oz a day. I had a wedding this weekend and boozed out on vodka and soda, but it didn't stall me because I've also kept myself hydrated.
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    Hi! I'm Pam -

    been doing Atkins since March and have lost 20 pounds, and 4 inches off waist, 3 off bust, and a little off hips, etc. Seem to be flucuating from 3 pounds back n forth. I'm not a habitual exerciser and know I should be, but have basically lost the 20 without doing much exercise. Guess that has helped me stay lazy, plus I have uped my carbs to about 70, thinking not only adding exercise but lowering carbs again to maybe 50? Induction was for only a week, and felt great and in control, so uping them to 30 worked and helped me stay faithful. I do eat my veggies daily, rarely a sandwich, or high carb stuff.

    Anyway, I could use some Atkins friends if you could too.:happy:
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    Ok so I have dropped back down to 144.5 in the last couple of days, which means I am still not really at a weight loss. but my body was retaining water I guess. So... i am still at like 20g of carbs a day (8 weeks of it) but I do cheat a little and go to 25 some days with nuts and berries. Now that I am working out, I wonder if I should be up-ing my carbs. I cant believe some people can go up to 50 and still lose weight!!! It's so unfair, lol! I am a healthy weight I know but I want to be on the lower end of a healthy weight, thats all. It will sure be a struggle for me. I calorie counted for years which initially worked but then I was just eating less and moody and HUNGRY, all the time!! I will stick to this way of eating a little while longer at least. I am happier and with no weight loss my body still feels good on the inside, and I dont have any crazy cravings anymore. I still have a sweet tooth but maybe I need more fruit? I count my calories, fat (to get enough) and fibre. I dont bother with sodium cause I need extra since my carb count is so low. And yes I do drink plenty of water, heaps!! But while drinking the alcohol, I didn't. Maybe one for one now on... I have just re-adjusted my calories today to 1500 from 1600. That may help too, as I am not overweight so may not need as many calories. Any one else starting to add the carbs in??
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    you should take your measurements. even if you're not losing on the scale, you could be losing inches.

    since you're so small, your weight loss will be very slow.

    how much are you exercising? if you do cardio and a bit of weights you should get toned and look thinner.