Farm Shares/CSA/Gardening~Produce!

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Is anyone else getting a farm share/CSA or delivered produce? Or maybe you're lucky enough to have your own Veggie Garden? I just got my first farm share of the year yesterday and am excited to use it! This is what I got:

This Week’s Share:

Long-Standing Bloomsdale Spinach (1/2 lb)
Red Fire Lettuce (1 head)
Red Russian Kale (1 bunch)
French Breakfast Radishes (small bunch)
Green Garlic (3 bulbs with greens)
Garlic Scapes (10)
Cherry Tomato Plants (2)
Brown Rice from Bob’s Red Mill (1 lb, 11 ounces)

So far I've had a yummy salad with some of the lettuce and some store bought tomatoes and am about to snack on some of the radishes. I just put the Kale into my dehydrator with some Kosher salt and Creole seasoning to make kale chips. There's a recipe on the farm blog to broil the green garlic, which I might try tomorrow. The spinach is going to go into the lasagna I'm making tomorrow--two different ones, one with noodles for the family, and one with (store bought) eggplant and yellow squash for me.f

I'd love to hear what everyone else is getting/making with their farm shares/garden harvests/farmer's market finds/store bought produce!


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    I had a farm share/CSA last year...found that I had a hard time eating all the veggies - got 2 others to split my share with. Also, I can highly recommend the "green bags"...they really do help keep veggies fresh for about 2 weeks (where they would have spoiled within days without the green bag).

    I decided that I couldn't afford the CSA this year - but I've planted tomatoes and zucchini in self-watering's hoping for a bumper crop!

    Favorite recipes:

    Kale chips
    Zucchini used in place of lasagna in veggie lasagna
    Zucchini used in place of apples in a mock apple pie
    Shredded Zucchini used as a pizza crust
    Homemade pesto (fresh basil, fresh flat leaf parsley, garlic, parmesean, pinenuts & olive oil)
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    Ooh, I'm so jealous that you can grow some veggies! I've tried quite a few times but the way my house is positioned in the shade, with big trees behind, I really don't get enough sun

    Yeah, we got a bigger CSA a few years ago, and even sharing we couldn't eat it all! This one seems more appropriately sized for my family!

    I'll have to try the shredded zucchini as pizza crust, sounds good!