Intermittent fasting and women.



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    Saw this on my friends feed. Was really great to see that info. I had been considering IF... now, not so much. For low BF% issues, I'd just like the infertility please :)
  • sbrBirdy
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    This is a really great article... not just for the paleo perspective, but just for women in general - learning to accept themselves instead of trying to conform to the current societal trends of beauty.

    "Some women are naturally stickly thin. Most are not. Trying to jam women adjusted to 20 or 22 percent body fat bodies into 18 percent body fat bodies is practically a crime. Those last few percentage points that come off of a woman are those stored around her buttocks, hips, and thighs. This fat is specifically female fat, and it is significantly associated with a woman's well-being."

    And it is horrible that most studies exclude fertile women because their hormone fluctuations introduce variables. Those "variables" are my life.

    Thanks for posting. I hope some others will read it as well.
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    This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.