oh no

sicchi Posts: 189 Member
Hi all. I have been clean eating for awhile now and today totally lost it and had chocolates and liqourice in LARGE doses (all with heaps of numbers in the ingredients). What should I do to make up for this? I feel so bad....


  • bewitchinglife
    bewitchinglife Posts: 167 Member
    Drink a lot of water and start fresh tomorrow.

    There is really nothing else you can do. If you can pinpoint a trigger cause for the eating, try to eliminate it.

    Try not to beat yourself up too much about it.
  • UponThisRock
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    If I ate unhealthy every day, and ate healthy for one day and asked you if this made me healthy, what would you say to me?
  • shareylee
    shareylee Posts: 14
    I would say tht was a start and to try for a second day or another 'healthy' meal.
  • KombuchaCat
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    Get a good sweaty work out in to detox and eat or drink something really ginger. Do some yoga twist moves. And don't worry to much about it, toxic thoughts can be just as bad as toxic food.
  • sicchi
    sicchi Posts: 189 Member
    You are all right... Did a massive workout, lots of water, started fresh today..... I know, it seems silly, 1 day out of many but you know, just caved. And needed it. Now I start fresh.... thanks guys, nice to have support. Non clean eaters dont understand :( P.s. Trying to be kind to myself. Toxic thoughts ARE just as bad.