Cigarette Burns

BrendarB Posts: 2,770 Member
Did anyone see this? I watched it a couple of days ago - kinda enjoyed it, but I love Norman Reedus and Udo Kier (sp?) and pasty white guy was creepy


  • TamAD48
    TamAD48 Posts: 387
    It's been awhile since I watched that one, but I have a collection of the Masters of Horror movies. I remember liking this one when I watched it. Love Norman and Udo.
  • jrhstarlight
    jrhstarlight Posts: 867 Member
    While I love Norman and Udo as well, I remember not caring much for that episode. I may need to rewatch sometime :)
  • d0gma
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    I watched it Friday because of this post. I thought it was ok, my wife was thoroughly creeped out.