sugar alcohols

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Has anyone noticed when they eat food with sugar alcohols that it knocks you out of ketosis? I was eating an atkins bar a day and I have noticed that my weight loss slowed and my keto strips have only been reading a trace amount for a few weeks. I decided cut out the atkins bars starting yesterday to see if this might be the reason, and today I kind of felt like I had some mild "carb flu" symptoms. I usually only test once a week and I know the strips can be unreliable, so I'm wondering if I may not have actually been in ketosis for the past couple of weeks now.


  • caraiselite
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    no, but if i eat them i usually don't lose anything.
    i test everytime i pee though.
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    I haven't noticed any effect from them, but I have seen numerous posters say that they stall them.
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    have never knocked me out of ketosis that I know of.
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    sugar alcohol is supposed to absorb a lot slower than normal sugar, but since everyones metabolism is different some people get knocked out of ketosis and some don't.
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    No... I try to stay away from them, though. I like Truvia which has Erythritol and doesn't upset my stomach. But Maltitol tears me up. I avoid that stuff like the plague, even though it tastes great. I don't think Xylitol is so good on my system, either.
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    Major stomach issues if I eat sugar alcohols. Horrid, stay away from me gas. I gave them up years ago. When we did Atkins about 10 years ago, I lost 20 lbs at first, then nothing for the rest of the year. I never cheated, but I was eating sugar free candy an sugar free ice cream galore. My suspicion is that my body thinks I'm still having real sugar and won't let go of the weight. For me, the artificial stuff just doesn't make sense anymore. If I have any sugar now, it's real, like in a good dark chocolate bar, but I make sure it's a very low amount, like 6g or less. We were also making a very low sugar coconut milk ice cream with honey. Just 1/4 C of honey in the batch. I figure I eat very very low carb most of the time, a little dark chocolate or coconut milk ice cream once in a blue moon doesn't hurt, or put me into major cravings.

    The ice cream was posted on Fast Paleo's website as "Softserve Chocolate Ice Cream". Just 3 ingredients! We bought a cheap little 1.5 Qt ice cream maker and made it up, sooo good, sooo easy.

    3C Coconut Cream (We used canned Coconut Milk)
    1/2 C honey (we used 1/4 C and loved it)
    1/2 C Cocoa

    Stir til you get the little pops of cocoa mixed in. Pour into your ice cream maker and follow its instructions...yum! Makes 2 HUGE bowls, or 4 small bowls
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    What missyyclaire & emisu2 said: , Ditto, I can handle a little Erythritol now and then but fake foods that pretend to be Low Carb sabotaged me in the past. I just didn't know it at the time.

    More than a tiny piece of Russel Stovers candy - Killer.
    Atkins bars full of glycerin. Stall.
    DreamFields Pasta. Diet Suicide .
    Low carb ice cream with sorbitol - another killer.

    The problem with these dake foods that because the food label seemed so friendly I though I could eat them all the time AS FOOD. I stopped treading them as a one in a while treat, and started treating them as a staple food stuff.

    Atkins bars are for when you are stuck in in an Airplane for 6 hours without real food. Not to be used as a regular meal replacement.

    The only Bar I trust now are the original formula Quest bars.

    If you use sugar alcohols , find out which ones you tolerate and then use them SPARINGLY.
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