What week should I re-start at?

fitplease Posts: 647 Member
I have been running each week of c25k for two weeks instead of one.

I had gotten up to week 5 before my spring allergies got the best of me, and I got out of practice. I have run a couple of times since then, but not really with the program. Now, I am ready to get back on track, but don't know where to re-start. Do you suggest backing up to week 4, or should I go back farther. I haven't run in at least a month. It's been two months since I have been running on a regular basis though.


  • jsidel126
    jsidel126 Posts: 694 Member
    Try either W3D1 or W4D1 and see how it feels. Adjust to the correct W?D1 and start over.
    I was running my own program until I found c25k. I used this method to determine where I
    fit into this program. Don't worry be :happy:
  • Randyamc
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    I agree, try it out and see how you do. Starting week 3 Monday so I'm still envious of your progress! ;)

    Oh and Jsidel... thanks for getting that song stuck in my head!! :p