A visit with the Naturopath

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Well, that went really well! :happy:

Lots of affirmation on my diet & supplements. Tested for everything under the sun... and my thyroid is pretty much under control. The adrenals, however are tanked... so she gave me dissicated Adrenal & licorice to take twice a day.

Unfortunates, for me... no milk products...:ohwell: the Iso-whey & 1/4 cup cottage cheese are the only "milk" I eat, but they have to go. Eggs are out. My sunflower seeds have to go... and all "chemicals" that I use for my coffee.... So, I'm going to try coconut or almond milk. These were just some weird things the "my" body rejects... not to do with thyroid, but she said it would help my adrenals to get rid of the things that showed up as bad for me... also asked if I could "try" to cut back on my coffee, but I don't have to cut it out. :ohwell: We'll see about that... I might not even enjoy it anymore, after taking all the good taste out of it! :laugh:

Anyway, she gave me a big thumbs up on the gluten-free diet, the coconut oil, selenium, Vitamin D3. And encouraged me to start eating a variety of vege's & meats... (rather then moose 2 x a day).

She also said that almonds are not bad for thyroid, nor the goitrogens if they are cooked.

So, tomorrow I'l get my TSH levels checked & get copies of all my tests from the Dr next week, to take back to her... she will then consider putting me on a small dissicated thyroid, a small dose, if she thinks I need it. Because she said my liver is having trouble with some "conversion" thing... sorry, I forget.

I'm so glad I went! :laugh:


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    So glad your appointment went well. I hope everything your Naturopath suggested for you helps you feel even better. :smile:
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    Gotta love it -- NDs are the best! It seems hard to give up those foods you love, but I went to Almond Milk in my coffee 6 months ago - there's also So Delicious Coconut Coffee Creamer -- they have a fantastic Hazelnut flavored and French Vanilla.

    I knew m ND told me I could/should eat Almonds!

    You are 75% there with the healthy eating - this is a small leap for you!

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    Great day for your Debby,

    I'm so glad you are getting everything sorted out with your health. Kudos to you and your Dr.

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    Thanks, yes it was a great day! I'm all hyped up with hope!

    Terri, I haven't been able to find the coconut creamer here, but I'll try. I survived my snack & dinner without my milk products, and put honey in my coffee... (1st step).

    I am so thankful for all the great info I got on this board! Its where I learned of the best supplements & coconut oil. :bigsmile:
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    I would just put out there to watch/research almond milk! There are some that say excessive intakes of certain foods (almonds, broccoli, etc.) are detrimental to thyroid health. Just because one doctor says "they're not bad" doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Some doctors say "vaccines are bad for you" when there's plenty of research to show otherwise, so I'd just say--be your own advocate!
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    Yes, you're right, that's what my body has done for me for years. I certainly won't be using it if it bothers me.

    Very encouraged today, first day after starting the changes... scale is down 1/2 lb. :drinker:

    Its been exactly 30 days since it moved. However, we may be going on a 2 day road trip starting today... :glasses: more challenges.