Who can run in this heat?!

redheaddee Posts: 2,005 Member
Just as I was making progress, 100+ degree weather. Seriously??? My question is: will the program be as effective if I do it on an elliptical?

And please don't tell me to get up at 5-6 am, it is just not gonna happen.


  • Kamikazeflutterby
    Kamikazeflutterby Posts: 775 Member
    There are a few things that help that I know of from other sports. First, drink water before you go out. Second, bring more lukewarm water to drink while you run. Third--well, third is take breaks. I don't know if that works with running. Since I'm just starting C25K the "breaks" are built in. Fourth, run in parks. Reflected heat from asphalt is killer.

    I did my first day of c25k today. I made sure I went to a park with shady trails. I still felt like I was about to die, between the out of shape and the 97 degree weather, but it doesn't cool off where I live until some time in October. I really, really don't want to wuss out due to heat, otherwise I, personally, will never restart. I'm glad you started this topic. I want to see the runner specific tips.