TSH rising again... :-(

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Well, I went to see what my latest TSH results were today. It has gone back up to 4.95 again.

This time I was lucky & got the Dr (I go to a clinic) that believes in testing the T3 & t4 levels. He offered to test them again, when I asked for the results to take to the Naturopath. :smile: He also said the TSH level takes 2 months to stop being effected by the synthroid. And that this whole thing takes time & trial & error to find what level a person "feels good." Did not seem in the least bit unhappy that I'm seeing the Naturopath too. So, I'm hopeful.

However, it is making the light bulb go off, my constantly changing temperature... hot, then cold, then hot... all day long... is now leaning more toward the "cold, then freezing, then warm"... also losing the "UMPH" in my work-out; and a bit of mental fog... sigh :ohwell:

So, here we go again. At least the good Dr is back & the Naturopath is going to put me on natural thyroid, if needed & probably treat the T3 & T4 with whatever they use...

Meanwhile, still gotta cut out sweetener & international creamer.:frown: And I think I will eat more fat & less carbs for a while... ate like a birdie this morning for breakfast... :laugh:


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    Curious... do you sweat? I don't sweat and what little perspiration I generate is laughable. My husband refers to my perspiration as "dewey" and then chuckles. I think he is sparing my feelings... *LOL*

    When in cold climates I am freezing. When in warm climates I am sufficating. Climates that are between 63 - 74 degrees with no humidity I am comfortable in. I remember being climate particular even in my childhood. Living on the east coast I hated August heat and humidity.

    What natural thyroid med would your Naturopath offer you?
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    Funny you asked about sweating... I just stopped having the night-sweats in the last 3 days. I thought it was because of the adrenal stuff, but now I see its because I'm swinging back to hypo again. Normally I don't sweat (hate it!) I have to exercise with a bucket of water & wash-cloth to keep cooling my body down, because I hate it so much. Plus stripping down & opening the window (even in the winter). But when I was on the synthroid it made me hyper & I started having drenching night-sweats in my sleep (so gross)!
    I think my comfort zone has always been between 69-71... not very forgiving! So, I'm always wearing layers.

    Naturothoid?? not sure. I'm in British Columbia, so we will go with what we have available. I'm feeling a bit anxious about waiting 2 more weeks to see her now. (deep breath)... Although I am not making any progress with lowering my coffee/sweetener/creamer use - I'd rather feel good & lose wt. !:laugh: