Newbie....anyone up for a challenge??

Calyse90 Posts: 147 Member
Hey ladies im a new member, I just wanted to introduce myself(heyyyyy) I need sum friends for motivation feel to add me happy health n weightloss to all....!! do you all do weightloss challenges I think that would b grt motivation for alot of us maybe I have to look more n depth in the forum to see if there is one already going if not any one interested in either a sexy holloween custom challenge or xmas challenge ??


  • Yana150
    Yana150 Posts: 226
    Hey Calyse90!

    I would love a Christmas challenge because my birthday is four days from Christmas and I'd really like to hit my second 10% goal by then. If you're up for writing the rules, I'm willing to join in.

    BTW, welcome!
  • msamcoates
    msamcoates Posts: 261 Member
    Welcome. I'm down for a challange as well..
  • Calyse90
    Calyse90 Posts: 147 Member
    Ok if more ladies bump/ up for it then we can get this Christmas challenge. On n popping. Xmas is exactly 22 weeks n 4 days. Away imagine. That transformation. Health/body wise!! Just n time for new years too... cmon ladies
  • msracheal19781
    msracheal19781 Posts: 2 Member
    I am a newbie myself and would love to be a part of the challenge......
  • Calyse90
    Calyse90 Posts: 147 Member
    Ok I'm going. To post up the rules in a new thread /Post under Christmas. Challenge. 2012 either later on today or tomorrow Xmas. Is. 22 weeks. N 3 days away imagine the transformation. That'll. Be health /body wise cmon ladies
  • Weasel9999
    Weasel9999 Posts: 11 Member
    Hello Ladies!!

    I am definitely up for the challenge... I would love to look and feel fit and fabulous for the Xmas Jingle Bells.
  • ladyofstyle
    ladyofstyle Posts: 28 Member
    yes bring it on
  • isis2triple0
    isis2triple0 Posts: 106 Member
    What I'm down for the challenge!! Bring it on!! ! Oh yeah you newbies can add me as a friend if you like!! Let's do this ladies!! But we need some other type of incentive well it is X-mas I say all the losers have to send one healthy inexpensive item to the winner Example like work out DVD, cool jump rope, sports bra, favorite coffee (wait is that really healthy??) you guys get the picture!!
  • queendeej
    queendeej Posts: 214 Member
    I am a newbie too! Christmas should be a halfway point for me as far as goals. I hope to have lost 55 pounds total by then and my birthday is December 30!!
  • vonns36
    vonns36 Posts: 50 Member
    Yeap I'm up for it too...something to work towards
  • beloti29
    beloti29 Posts: 1 Member
    I'd like to join.
  • thicknsexiTy
    thicknsexiTy Posts: 24 Member
    Me too!! Im up for a challenge and my bday is 3 days after Xmas and I wanna be my kinda sexy!!
  • 4sandrad
    4sandrad Posts: 283 Member
    Oh yeah!!! Let's get it crack'n!!
  • smoore1988
    smoore1988 Posts: 61 Member
    I'm definitely up for a Christmas challenge.
  • tierraaf
    tierraaf Posts: 12 Member
    Newbie here, I'm in! Totally in!
  • Hi, i'm a newbie too, count me in for the Xmas challenge
  • Kaw169
    Kaw169 Posts: 29 Member
    Count me in!