CHX - Burn first?

NuevaNatalia Posts: 72 Member
Hi Everyone,

Should I start with burn first or can I start with lean or push?


  • MichelleRenee13
    MichelleRenee13 Posts: 367 Member
    You will want to start with Burn. It is progressive.
  • Pipsg1rl
    Pipsg1rl Posts: 1,414 Member
    also you can google the calendar so you know what days to do which section of burn, push, and lean. The calendar will help you understand the progressions.

    good luck :)
  • autumnk921
    autumnk921 Posts: 1,376 Member
    I agree with those above....Definitely start with the burn phase first and do them in order, she does have a method of doing each phase in this sequence. I know at first it is to get you used to the weights and then as each phase starts you will progress to higher weights, less reps. Hope this helps. :)