Day 1 - Starting Weight!



  • Hiya,
    I just started my 30DS today!! And I think this group will be great motivation for my lazy bum ;) lol
    I decided it's time to change sth about myself and stop sitting all day long eating sweets and chocolate and averything else. I'm size 12/14 (UK) so it's not that bad in my case but I used to be 10! And then slowly but surely grown bigger and lazier!

    So I started today and I swear I could kill that lady shouting on the screen at me "you want it? You have to earn it!".. I though I'll earn only a hear attack lol
    My legs were shaking and my arms are still a bit 'light' so I'm expecting to be very sore tomorrow but hopefully I keep continue because I'm desperate for the results it can deliver!

    I'm also thinking about cutting carbs from my menu and aybe starting some kind of diet like Dukan or Paleo because I did try it for some time last year and it does agree with me pretty well :)

    Anyone here have any recommendations for diet?
  • Day 1 of the 30 day shred and OMG my legs were shaky afterwards and I was sweating big time. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. Seen some pictures and boy were they inspirational!
  • gillvegas
    gillvegas Posts: 8 Member
    started today, a bit behind as only ordered dvd once had seen the group and googled the reviews.
    anyhow-completed first one, level 1

    start weight 154
    height 5 5

    onwards and upwards