How do you guys eat "bacon and eggs?"



  • shar140
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    I make a bacon bowl. Literally, a bowl made of bacon, filled with scrambled egg, topped with cheddar cheese.


    Also, Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs.
    Hard boil 6 eggs and slice length-wise, whip yolks with 2 thin slices of bacon, 1 Tablespoon Ranch dressing, 1 Tablespoon Mayo, 1 Tablespoon Dijon Mustard. Fill cooked egg whites & top with MORE bacon!!!

    Thanks, you just made me drool!!

    I fry or scramble my eggs in either bacon grease, coconut oil, or butter. They each give a slightly different flavor. Or I have them hard boiled (easy to cook ahead and grab on the go). But I :heart: my eggs, so I eat them almost any way! Except runny white stuff. Usually with bacon or sausage. Sometimes cheese and/or avocado, different veggies (spinach, onion, bell pepper, zucchini, etc. depends on what I have). You can try making faux hash browns with zucchini - it's not really the same, but it's something different to try.
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    Nice, pixelberry! Do you make bowls in a muffin tin or what?

    If I'm making several I'll flip the muffin tin over, cover it in foil, and weave the bacon around the bottoms. If I'm making one big bowl, I cover a bunt cake pan in foil & bake them in the oven. They're so yummy!
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    Great posts! And I love the bacon bowl!
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    2 eggs
    2 ounces cream cheese
    blend, add in yummlies if you want (stevia, cinnamon etc)
    cook like a pancake.
    serve with butter/maple syrup

    i love the sweet/savory.
    it's like french toast and bacon.

    you could always make oopsies or MiMs.

    This! I just had 2 fried eggs (with cinnamon sprinkled on top while they were cooking) and 2 turkey patty sausage...I poured about 1/8 cup sugar free butter flavored syrup over them!!! It ALWAYS cures my sweet tooth and is yummy! You won't even miss the carbs!
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    All great suggestions. Or cut a courgette into strips the size of french fries, fry them and and use as dippers. Works with boiled aggs too.