Where do I start????

I completed c25k a couple of years ago and completed a couple of 5k's since. The problem is that I still can't run 3 miles or 30 minutes without walking. So I started the c25k program again a few months ago and I stopped at week 3. I want to run, but I really don't think I need to start at week 1. I get really bored with the intervals and I find myself focussing too much on time. My freinds seem to think I could run 30 minutes if I just push pass my comfort zone and slow down some. Here's the problem....I don't want to slow down. Most of my runs are on the treadmill. I try to keep the speed around 5.0. Thats not fast. Anything slower than that changes my stride and makes me feel like I'm shuffling. So I think I might try to run for 30 minutes as far as I can and take walk breaks when I need to. Or...should I just try to pick up at week 5 and proceed from there?

Any suggestions?


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    U sound very similar to me! I'm at W4D2. I'm focusing too much on the time, and mentally pushing past my comfort zone. I'm thinking of covering up the time on the treadmill think about something else. Have the running set to 4.5, which is slow, but challenging enough for me right now because I'm short, 5'1.5". I'm afraid if I do it without the C25K I will not push past my comfort zone.