For those who Paleo and Crossfit

I feel so drained after my workouts, and want to refuel... but I'm nervous about adding carbs after a hard workout. What is your favorite post-WOD snack?


  • MikeFlyMike
    MikeFlyMike Posts: 639 Member
    I just hit some protein. Because of the time of day, I eat dinner right after. Plus I'm able to cf in a mostly fasted state.
  • wiginn
    wiginn Posts: 147 Member
    I usually do my CF workouts in the morning and follow it up with a protein shake - but I am starting the whole life challenge Saturday and am going to have to find something that fits in their guidelines - my current shake doesn't.
  • ksellen1
    ksellen1 Posts: 115 Member
    I do my WOD in the am. I drink a bulletproof coffee when I get home and then eat breakfast around 8:30-9. The bulletproof coffee has really been helping.
  • beccarockslife
    beccarockslife Posts: 816 Member
    Sweet potatoes and berries are your friend. I love them for recharging and you don't need much to feel perked up.
  • twinmom01
    twinmom01 Posts: 854 Member
    I save my love of sweet potatoes for after a good hard workout....

    other than that protien and a good amount of water - your muscles need water to repair and will usurp water in your body so even though you have drank a lot during your workout your body still may be a bit dehydrated since your muscles are utilizing the water and can make you feel even more drained.
  • tabbychiro
    tabbychiro Posts: 223 Member
    I just eat a regular meal, usually lunch.