Where does your motivation come from?

I feel so bad! I joined this group then lost all motivation. This happens to me often and it's so hard to get out of the funk! How do you guys stay motivated?


  • rnhoppe
    rnhoppe Posts: 111 Member
    I like to read the success stories on the community page...especially ones with photos. I want to be one of those one day! Also, I have made lots of friends on here that post constantly. We all keep each other in check. Feel free to friend me if you need some help :)
  • WalkingGirl1985
    WalkingGirl1985 Posts: 2,062 Member
    I do the same, read the success stories on here and look at the photos. I also feel just talking to other MFP friends/members also helps keep me in the game and doing challenges like this. This month looks like its been tough for everybody--not just me. Hang in there, everyone. We can get out of our funk and do this. Another thing that helps..if your feeling deprived, and often leads to binges..try letting yourself have a treat meal at least once a week and in moderation. :bigsmile:
  • Success stories are definitely a motivation, but other times I read positive affirmations or other motivational phrases to myself over and over again when I feel like I'm losing it. They really work for me.

    Some of my favorites:

    - Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
    - I Am 100% Capable of Changing My Life
    - The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes
    - When You Feel Like Quitting Remember Why You Started