Day 3!

KristyP05 Posts: 12 Member
I have almost made it all the way through level one. WHOOT! Those push ups are the worst but just being able to go through without having to stop a bunch feels great. Keeps me motivated to continue. How is everyone else doing?


  • ghostpixie
    ghostpixie Posts: 148 Member
    I still can't make it through the pushups or the squat & presses, BUT! Today I made it all the way through the side lunge w/ shoulder raises without stopping!!!!!
  • Kifli
    Kifli Posts: 12 Member
    Yay...made it through my 4th....and running on little sleep. Was afraid to let today slide b/c I know what happens if I stop.
    I agree, those push ups are killer! I was able to bend my arms just a hair more tonight :)

    I'm so glad I have you ladies to share the journey with b/c the first time I attempted this video (only lasted 3 days), I was really discouraged. It looks so easy when you just watch it, but it kicks rear. (If only I could kick my own with those butt
  • RocksFlower
    RocksFlower Posts: 74 Member
    I am on day 3 as well and I am really glad to see how it is getting a bit easier for me. On the first two days the things I noticed I struggled with was during the cardio where I have to pick my feet up, I would struggle getting as much air as I felt I should. My legs always felt like cement bricks when I do butt kicks and jumping rope. When it comes to the strength I am still struggling with the static lunges with bicep curls. Lunges suck so much! I haven't taken my measurements yet, but I can feel that my body is starting to feel different so that is exciting. I am looking forward to seeing how I feel tomorrow, my arms are already sore from the push ups!
  • Tbias78
    Tbias78 Posts: 120 Member
    I completed day 3 today!! Got a few more jumping jacks and push ups than the day before so progress is good!! I am sore again today, but my muscles feel so tight (in a good way) and its amazing!
  • AbiJj
    AbiJj Posts: 26
    Wow! Ladies you all sound like me, it's so tough, but I'm feeling my muscles getting tight!
    I am the lightest today, similar to what I was 2 babies and an op ago, about over 10 years ago!

    My quads were killing, I didnt know I'd cope with the lunges, but pulled through, still on the girly push ups, but improving!

    yay! (I thought I'd have given up by now!) thanks for setting this group up - and to you all who check in - well done!
  • Fitfab41
    Fitfab41 Posts: 21 Member
    HI everyone! I just started on Tuesday and all I have to say is "OH the pain!" I'm glad you're all here. It'll help to know that I'm not alone... Day 3 tonight.