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You can put them here this weekend or on Monday, whichever you prefer if at all..

If you want to enter your STARTING stats to keep track of your progress here is the place.....weight.... inches.... photos... anything you wish or nothing at all! Also if you are interested: maybe post your goals or mini goals if you have any or your reasons for losing this weight or getting in shape..... for this very long 90 day journey to being New Year's Fabulous!


  • ktno1
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    Weight: 85kg
    Waist: 33.5"
    Hips: 41.5"

    My goal is to get the hips down to 38" so I can wear an old favourite pair of jeans!
    But loss of inches and weight anywhere would be fabulous. So excited* to start tomorrow! :)

    *see also: terrified
  • SoapyPonyLevine
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    Well I am happy to say that I am starting from my goal weight, but I'm a runner so my goal is to try and increase my strength as much as possible, get my body fat down and hopefully a few extra inches lost !! :)

    Weight : 135lbs
    Waist :28
    Hips : 36

    I'm kind of scared too, its been a while since I've done any weights. I had to buy some new ones yesterday!
  • 3under2
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    Hi Everyone!

    I just finished Ripped in 30 yesterday (results pics below) and will start BR tomorrow! I am at my goal weight, just been working on my tone ...

    Looking forward to supporting one another!




  • Findleyn
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    Starting stats:

    171 lbs
    41.1% body fat
    26.9 BMI

    Main goal is to lose 30 pounds overall (not in the 90 days, but by this time next year) and to lower my body fat % and BMI to a healthy level..

    My main fear is not following through. I am the type of person where the number means everything and if I don't see results I get discouraged and give up.

    Looking forward to starting the BR tomorrow. With all the stress in my life hopefully I don't get derailed and can stick with it!

  • miamoe15
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    My starting stats are:
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 202.4
    Bust: 41.5
    Waist: 38 3/4
    Lower hips: 42 3/4

    My goals to get from a size 16 dress to at least a 12. I am going to be likely moving at the end of the month and travelling for a week this month but I plan to still taking on this challenge. Even if I have to do double time on some days. I will do this!! :)