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Hi everyone. I am kind of "restarting". I lost 45 lbs doing medifast about a year ago. HAd some serious family drama/health issues and couldn't afford it. Tried every way imaginable wo lose by counting cals/carbs. (VLC, higher cal, "metabolism reset") and all i did was GAIN. (I was also on zoloft for several months, which i later found out can cause weight gain.)

SO, of the 45 i lost, I gainbed back 30 :( So i'm back but can't afford the 5 and 1. Gonna try to do a 3 and 3. (Even that is gonna be really hard financially.)

Any thoughts? Anyone ever had success doing a 3 and 3 or 4 and 2? Gonna stick with the recommended carbs/cal ratios.



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    Feel free to add me if you want because I am doing Medifast too. I totally understand about the cost because it is very expensive. My husband and I are on the 5 and 1 plan and it has been working great and it costs us twice us much every week! I know you can do it though with what you can have available because it is possible. You might check on ebay too because you can buy food there and it is cheaper. Good luck and stay motivated.