Inspirational Meeting Idea

NikkiHann17 Posts: 126 Member
Morning all. I wanted to let you all know of an idea that we are all doing. We are each picking a reasonable weight loss goal for next year (say 10lbs in a year). Then we are matching it with canned/dry foods. For instance if you want to lose 10lbs you bring in 10lbs of food, or if your on a budget 10 can goods. All will be donated to the area Food Bank the first week of January. We took the idea from weight watchers but we really think it will give both our group and the area help. I also figured I would post it on here and maybe you all can do it to.


  • Harlemite
    Harlemite Posts: 62 Member
    Nikki, I think that's a great matter who came up with it! :-)
  • shshamblin
    Good idea, could be used for food bank and for every time the person gains they should bring in a can of food the following week