Fellow short ladies? How much do you eat/exercise/weigh?

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Hey, I'm 4'11" (and d@mn proud, thank you very much :P). I'm curious as to how much you other short gals are eating, what type of exercising you do, and what your weight is (and measurements, if you feel comfortable).

The reason I'm curious is because I want to go to maintenance. At this point I mostly want to gain more muscle/definition, and would like to compare people who have similar stats as I do :)

At this point I am eating about 1400 calories on non work out days, and eating back most of my calories on my run days (anywhere from 1700-2000, depending on how far I run)

I want to add more strength training. I already strength train two times a week, for about 45 minutes each time. I've been doing that for several months though, but haven't seen much increase in strength (perhaps because I'm eating at a deficit?).

Anyway, I'm curious to see how you short ladies have been successful

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 108lb
Bust: 35"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 34"
Calories: 1400 on non work out days, up to 2000 on run days
Exercise: 3 days a week of running (averaging 20 miles for a week) and two days strength training

Any other advice you have for me is very appreciated, like what you think my maintenance would be. I've done the Scooby calculator and figured that my TDEE without exercise is about 1545. Does that sound correct?


  • woodsygirl
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    Ht: 5'3" (just barely short.. ;)
    Wt: 145
    Age: 37
    Waist: 29"
    Calories: 1800 nonworkout, 2000 workout

    I workout 3x a week just doing weights, I try to stay active daily and wear a fitbit. My fitbit usually has me walking between 5-6 miles per day and burning around 2000-2300 per day.

    I'd love to lose more bodyfat, but I eat the way I do because I want to be strong. I increase weight as often as I can and when things do not move up (weight-wise) I usually take a week off and that helps.
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    4'11" here as well. I weigh 145 and I am 30 years old. I strength train 3 days a week using the stronglifts 5x5 program and have been for about 6 weeks now. And I take a zumba class once a week. I have lost inches but no weight which is very common when starting a strength training program.

    Stats from a week ago:
    Neck: 13.5 in
    Chest: 34 in
    Bust:37 in
    Waist: 31 in
    Hips: 40.5 in
    Thigh: 23 in
    Arm: 11.75 in
    Calf: 14 in
    Wrist: 6 in

    I eat 1500 calories daily to lose and 1900 to maintain with my current workout routine.

    I would recommend to not eat at a deficit and try to eat the same amount every day, or maybe a less extreme change from day to day. And add more strength training. Atleast 3 days per week

    Why? I do think that it affects strength gains if your body isn't fueled daily. I also notice when I relied on my exercise calories I didn't eat enough before my work out and had poor work outs because of it. Not saying you do that, but it is something to think about.

    Calculating an accurate TDEE would be highly beneficial to you. And knowing your body fat percentage will help you with that. Also shifting your focus from weight loss to fat loss will help you tremendously.

    I calculate your TDEE to be between 1734-1921. The lower your body fat is the higher your TDEE will be.
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    I know it's probably controversial to post this, but... several articles are coming out and saying that cardio activities interfere with strength gains. Running is the one that interferes the most. If you are running for long periods and frequently, it might be the reason you are not gaining strength like you want.

    These links are not the best explaination, but say something anyway. I just read an article about it in a magazine too, i'll have to look and see which is was.


    and EM2WL posted this one on facebook: