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Okay everyone, you know those people who say "what did you do, what did you do?" when you loose weight? They are expecting you to say "magic pills" I think but my answer is this: group called Fab-N-Fit. We just finished an 8 week challenge where the group as a whole lost 281.6 lbs!! I personally lost 19.1 lbs after being stuck forever. The group is fun, and funny, and is full of real life people who need to lose some or need to lose alot, and two AMAZING leaders. You can earn points by doing healthy things we all know we should be doing (like eating 3 servings of vegetables everyday and exercising 30 minutes) and you can earn extra points by doing challenges posted by Lyssa62. The details of the new challenge will be coming out soon and I believe starts 12/1. IF you have any questions just message me. I would be HAPPY to answer anything. If you are competitive and love a challenge like me, this will help you.

Here is the link to the group:
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