migrating joint & muscle pain

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Yesterday when I went cross country skiing, my groin had a stabbing pain...However, its not injured. Later it felt like I had carpel tunnel again & groin was fine. Today the back of my arms & calf muscles... so, I'm getting migrating joint & muscle pain again. I was also extremely tired today & needed a nap this afternoon, which hasn't happened to me in a long time. It's so weird. Just hard to figure out which thing is causing it & how to treat it. Both Thyroid & adrenal fatigue can have that symptom. :huh:

So, any of you experience migrating joint & muscle pain? :ohwell:


  • Leeann1979
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    Im underactive thyroid/Hashimoto, and I always have random aches and pains. I have experienced carpal tunnel. Also have felt pain in the calves. Nothing intense, just annoying enough to interfere with what Im doing. It seems there is a different random ache each day. I was taking glucosamine chonderoitin,which seemed to help, as each time I have stopped taking it, the pains came back. Time for a new bottle!!
  • sometimes_blondie
    I was just diagnosed in October with Hypothyroid, but I've had "flare ups" were my joints are really sensitive and achy off and on for years. Mostly in the legs, and arms. It also feels like I have a low grade fever and I get really lethargic. Sometimes a Tylenol will help, but I usually don't like to take anything.
  • islandmonkey
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    Hypothyroid can absolutely cause (migrating) joint pain, especially if your hypo is autoimmune in nature. Have you been tested for Hashi's antibodies, either in the past or recently?

    When were your last labs, and did they test free T3 and free T4? They should be dosing you based on that - I would go get your levels checked if you haven't recently.

    PSA: remember that TSH is NOT the appropriate test for diagnosing and dosing thyroid issues, because it is NOT a thyroid hormone. Also, the "normal range" for TSH has been .3-3.0 since 2002 -- don't let your physician use the outdated range of .5-5.0. The top of that is predicted to drop down to 2.5 in the near future, with a lot of thyroid specialists suggesting that 2.0 should be the top of the range.