Where to RE-start EM2WL???

paj315 Posts: 335 Member
I've been way off on my eating for about 2-3 months. Very very little cardio and lifting once a week still. But I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I have been exceeding my TDEE because I have gained 8-10 pounds. SO I am thinking that I can count these past 2-3 months as a metabolism reset and restart TDEE minus 15-20%? Does that seem ok? I am adding back in my cardio and keeping up my weight lifting.


  • Momwasix
    Momwasix Posts: 664 Member
    Sounds okay with me just reevaluate your tdee to your current activity level and make your cut. lift and eat.
  • norcal_yogi
    norcal_yogi Posts: 675 Member
    yep, sounds like a great plan!
  • skrentz
    skrentz Posts: 67 Member
    I am with you!! I have been really bad lately, not tracking and not getting to the gym either. I am planning to restart with the new year (with everyone else!!) Feel free to add me if you want. Good luck I have exactly the same plan, so I hope it works for us!
  • Yep, I'm in the same boat and going to implement the same plan. Good luck!
    FITnFIRM4LIFE Posts: 818 Member
    Had an injury that kept me off ex-lifting few weeks+holidays, drinks-munchies;-)-I am doing a plan like this 2. Good luck ladies,We Got this! Feel free to add 4 support;-) Lift Lift Lift;-)
  • blynnblair
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    I'm in the same boat as you and am starting fresh today! feel free to add me so we can do this together :smile: