Let's find some more active MPF horse folks

I thought I would start friending people listed in Members who are active. Can't wait to hear what they are riding!


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    Great idea - thanks for the add Bellehavenfar! I'm not a fan of riding out in the cold and our indoor is small and dusty so it's a quieter month for me. Also looking for other new horsey friends to keep me motivated so feel free to add :)
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    I have a 2001 red roan BLM Mustang named Knight. He's been in the family since 2005, but he finally became my personal mount this fall when I moved to my retirement destination in Montana. I'm glad to be back cleaning paddocks every day for my regular exercise and riding when it's warm enough. My boarding stable has an indoor (not heated), and outdoor, and 40 acres to ride on. I'm in Heaven!
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    crazy horsey person here, too. anyone can add me!
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    I'm recently active (again!) on MFP. It's part of my "Get Healthy" New Year's resolution. I would love some horsey pals! I have four horses; Max, a 15 year old black and white APHA stallion, Moco, an 8 year old buckskin APHA gelding, Deets, a 13 year old black and white grade gelding, and Hotwire, a 4 year old bay thoroughbred gelding. My husband and I are planning a pack trip for our anniversary in May and I want to be in much better shape! I also have about 60 to 80 pounds to shed and I've finally realized a lifestyle change is the only way to do it. My new motto is "Eat less, Move more."
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    Anyone can add me too! I'm new to MFP but I am somehow, kind of mysteriously, finding myself really motivated to make some changes! Well, it's not totally mysterious, just unexpected. I broke off a long term relationship 6 months ago, and I'm making life all about me for the time being.

    I've got 2 horses: Nugget, a 16yo BLM mustang that I've had since he was rounded up wild, he is my heart horse. And Oreo, a 10 year old Appaloosa Quarter Horse cross who lives a life of leisure as Nugget's companion. I'm an avid trail rider, Nugget is a born trail mount, and I have miles of trails on public lands at the end of my road. I appreciate all kinds of horses and riding, and I really love horse camping and packing in the wilderness.

    I think it would be great to have an active group of horsey people on here. I don't have to tell anyone here that horse people march to a different drum, or maybe, hoof beats... :wink:
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    I'm new on here so if anyone wants to add me as a friend, that's fine. I have loved horses since I was little, but never had any of my own until 8 years ago when my hubby to be at the time bought his uncle's two trail horses for me. We still have Socks, 20 year old sorrel Quarter/Paint mare and Rock, 15 year old sorrel Overo Paint. Plus we raised a colt out of Socks, Rebel my 6 year old bay Quarter horse gelding. We recently moved to a place where I can put up fence and have the horses here with me, so I've not been able to ride as much as I like but that should change soon!
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    Hi, I am Robin . I live in North East Pa. I have 5 Quarter Horses on my farm. I trail ride , barrel race , do trail challenges and rope and pen steers. I am 60, just got my knee replaced and work way to many hours at a hospital. Need to lose 30 lbs. Have lost more, kept most of it off for 3 yrs but never got down to where I wanted to be. I move so much , eat smart but the weight is so SLOW to come off. It sure didnt come on slow. I bet I could gain 10 lbs in a weekend without breaking a sweat. Doing speed events really makes me want to get the weight off.
  • Thanks for the ad Bellehavenfarmdawn, my name is Lisa I've been on MFP for about a year but back in June life got hectic so didn't stay with it like I should. I had lost 50 pounds, but gained some back last fall. I found it is very easy to fall off the band wagon and difficult to get back on. I'm not doing much riding this winter, but looking forward to spring and getting back out there. I have two horses a paint horse named Toby and a premarian foal that is TB/QH named Carson.

    Nice to see so many Horsey people on MFP!!!
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    Hi! I'm new to actually using MFP and am excited to see a group of horse people! I am lucky enough to board at a facility with a wonderful large indoor so am able to ride consistently through the winter. I usually get out to ride 3 times a week (4 if I'm lucky!) but have an 18-month old and work full time so its hard to fit everything in each day. My horse's name is Scout and we do low level dressage, trail ride and hope to get out and do some fox hunting soon!

    I never lost all the baby weight and was carrying around 10 lbs extra when I got pregnant so I have a good 25 lbs to lose! I feel very motivated to get the weight off for so many reasons and hopefully I don't lose it.
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    Welcome aboard, . How about if we all try to add a tip a day. Something you did to resist that delectable morsel. Any help to stay the course. What you did that day that made you smile.
    Today I watched a bag of chex mix looking at me. I imagined it filled with spicey peppers that I can not eat. Kept me away from it.
    Also got to chase five horses around the front yard , through snow drifts after husband left gate open.
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    I would love some more horsey pals! :)

    I'm 16 and I ride primarily english. I have a 14 year old, 14.2 hh appaloosa gelding who tries his little heart out for me in everything and he's my main man. I got him for Christmas in 2006 after taking lessons on him for a few months. He is my absolute heart horse and makes quite the hunter/dressage pony. We may try our hand out at eventing this year, I'm pumped!

    I have two pony geldings, one is the one-eyed, 25 year old shetland who still thinks he's two. I started out riding him and although he's retired, I'll still hop on him and walk around on him every once in a while. I thought I would be too heavy for him... but if I turn him away from the barn he can still rear with me, so I can't be too heavy for him! My other boy is my 13.2 hh rodeo pony, Rockstar/Rocky. He's the little stud muffin in my profile picture.... sadly for sale, due to the little princess below.

    Cabaline's Rhapsody/Cali is the breeding stock appendix mare I suddenly acquired over the summer.... bought her with what was supposed to be car money I got from my first job. GORGEOUS dapple bay 16 hh mare.... mom was an OTTB, dad was a foundation paint. Not sure why it would possess someone to put the two together, but it sure made one heck of an english horse! She's my current project show pony in training.

    I'm 5'2 and a little under 130... wanting to get a little under 120 so I can fit easily into my western chaps and tailored sportsmans! Plus I truly honestly hate boobs... Sorry if it's a TMI, but I'm borderline C/D and I want to make training my career... I would be happy enough with the body of a ten year old boy lol!

    EDIT: I was curious... does anyone count calories burned during riding? I rode Calcan and Chief dressage for around 75 minutes total, and I really worked my legs/core. I feel the burn!!!
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    I started horseback riding lessons when I was 6 yrs. old... I have 3 horses that we keep here on our property... Teddy, 27 yrs. old Standardbred, we don't ride him anymore, he gets kind of acky at times... Fritzy, 13 yrs. old Foundation Quarter Horse we've had since he was 2 yrs. old, I'd love to be able to do cow work with him someday, he loves doing that... and Otis, very big & stocky 15 yrs. old, black Percheron/Quarter Horse cross... I used to do jumping when I was younger and I love to trail ride and work on basic dressage type things in the ring, and I love doing groundwork with them... Some day I would love to learn how to drive with Fritzy and or Otis, Otie already knows what he is doing, apparently he was used for logging and also apparently use to be a carriage horse... Due to health issues, anxiety, weakness, shakiness, and being overweight, I have not been able to ride much in the past few years, but am hoping so badly to be able to work back up to doing more and more with them, and maybe even jumping again some day... :flowerforyou:
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    From Illinois. Have 50 pounds to loose. Soon to be 35 years old.

    Anni - Paint mare, age 18
    Cajun - Arab cross, age 10 - adopted spring 2012
    Misty Mae - Miniature, age 15

    I mostly trail ride with friends. Have done a few "fun" shows. I'm not all into the speed thing, but we participate in trot poles, trot barrels, etc. I'm sure it's do to having people watching and I feel like the "fat girl" on a horse squeezing in her saddle. LOL.
    Made an obstacle course at our place this past October for a fundraiser for my daughter.
    ***If you are on Facebook, you can check out the photos on the page Red Barn Acres.
    It was fun and have many requests for next year.

    My sister had horses growing up, but I never had my fun of owning one. 2006 a friend and I bought our first horse (Haflinger) together - then added a Shire (not sure what I was thinking :laugh: ) She moved and bought my half out. Then my collection all started from there. Guess it's my childhood dream.

    I have a great group of friends that I ride with - but guess what - they are ALL skinny! Ugh.
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    I also want to add...

    When we found our trainer after we got Fritzy, she introduced us to Buck Brannaman's horsemanship... She has a background in dressage and jumping. When she became seriously injured years ago, she was brought to one of Buck's clinics and that was her introduction to Natural Horsemanship... I also really like Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Bryan Neubert, and Joe Wolter... I am always amazed at some of the things I was taught while growing up about handling horses, some things were so negative and very counter-productive and downright unsafe... versus the ways of Natural Horsemanship, which are so much safer and easier... I love learning more and more about horses and why they so what they do... I love working on improving my communication with them so that we can work in better harmony together and build on our skills both physically and mentally... and spiritually too... also it helps so much to feel so much safer around them too and work on the "less is more" philosophy... Horses are not just a hobby for me... :heart: they are my life...

    So nice to meet everyone... :flowerforyou:
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    welcome Socks, Rock and Rebel! My folks moved to a tiny farm when I was 12, so I could have my buddies right there. Best few years of my life! I know you will love it. Hope there is good riding

    that handsome fellow in my profile pic is Love Sunny Days. I found him at a rescue in 2004, 6 year old OTTB. best friend ever!

    From Delaware
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    Hi Playcharm! Lucky you with a Premarin foal. Can't wait to see photos! Is Wyeth still making Premarin.

    I ride year round but I also do in-hand work, clicker training for 'serious' lessons as well as tricks, and just hanging together, hand grazing, and body work...my latest passion!

    Dawn and Sunny Buns, who I miss TERRIBLY.
  • BellehavenfarmDawn
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    Hi K and Scout,
    I guess you have your hands filled to the brim! scout looks like a Handsome Guy. I have an indoor too but I don't thing Sunny really likes it for mounted work so we hack out on the farm or hop on the trailer and 10 min down the road I have a State Park, Preserve and loads of 200 acre estates who welcome horses and even horse and carriage! all totally 5000 acres.

    Hope to get and give tons of support!
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    LOL good one on chasing the horses around! Wish I could have seen that! And in snow! Phew.

    GREAT Idea posting a daily triump! start a new post?

    I had a surprise serving od a deep fat frid thing on my plate one day. I KNEW I couldn't resist it. So I grabbed the salt shaker and poured an inch of salt, totally covering it from view! LOL

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    hi RebelChief and great to hear from you! super to be health conscious so young. Good on ya! As they say in New Zealand where I am visiting!

    I see calories burned in riding all the time. It is in the database.

    look forward to hearing about your horses! I got my first horse on my 10th Christmas. Pal, also a school horse I had been riding, was in my garage! I free leased him for the winter. when I proved I could care for him properly and ride etc, I got my fist horse in the spring, Brigette Belle, a draft x TB...an early American Sport Horse!

    When I was 12, Brigette had My Tuition, sire was a TB, so the filly was quite refined but some bone. She placed second in-hand yearling at a top show of all breeds! She was the only home bred, raised by a young girl, and therefore was as quiet and well behaved as you can imagine. The babies from major operations were rearing etc! LOL

    Still best memories ever and I am 61 now!

    Now I have an OTTB I rescued and retrained, Love Sunny Days.

  • BellehavenfarmDawn
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    wonderful to read your story. Horses are my life, my passion, my calling too! You certainly have done a nice job on the weight loss! any tips?

    I am becoming certified in The Masterson Method of body work now. I used to be a barefoot trim for 6 years. I taught, mostly middle aged women, to trim their own horses. I broke it down into very easy steps. On every visit I taught a bit more about the whys and wherefores. Had domestic and brumby hooves to show, coffin bones I had from cooking down hooves from a place the crossed-over horses go. We honored the horses who even in their passing, taught us how to help our own guys.

    After 6 yrs my right shoulder was shot! the body work I do is very gentle on me and the horses love it. they all zone out!