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    Nice to meet you all!

    I currently have a horse on part loan, 3-4 days per week (though the snow has kept me from getting up to the barn for over a week!) Jackson is a 15.2 gelding of uncertain origin - probably some Connemara, too fine to be a cob - who could play the part of Black Beauty. He's 8, but knows about as much as a 5-year-old, since the owner only bought him as a status symbol and hasn't done anything with him. We're currently mainly hacking out - there's a forest up the road, quite rare in Ireland - until he gets his condition up a bit. I'm not a great jumper, but plan on doing dressage work with him. I'd love to get into TREC as well.

    Up until October last year, I was riding Irish Sport Horses, but I didn't agree with the owner's idea of horsemanship - I felt he was ruining them by starting them under saddle as three-year-olds and asking far too much of them far too soon, and beating them up when they didn't get it. The final straw was a bad fall - I decided I'd rather pay towards the upkeep of a good horse than the high cost of riding for free!

    I also drive - I've had more jobs driving carriages than jobs that match my degree, alas. We use mostly large cobs and a Clydesdale mix at work.
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    hi im 26years old and from the uk. i have one horse who ive had since a foal (see my pics & feel free to add me), he is now 8years old and 17hh. im not riding at the moment as the ground is frozen but in summer i try to ride 5/6 times a week.

    even though my horse is big i feel unconfortable in light/show breeches - im a uk 14 (us 10?) but carry all my weight on my bum and top of thighs which makes me conscious - my ideal goal is to get down to 152-158lbs, which will make me a uk10-12
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    Another horsey person here! Feel free to add me! I ride English and Western. I have barrel-raced, hunter jumper, western pleasure, trail ridden, and am touching on dressage and eventing now and some other stuff I can't think of right now LOL. I have four horses an AQHA Appendix named Cinco, a stock paint horse named Doc, a grade paint mare named Lady, and a QH/Saddlebred paint named Cajun. Please add me!
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    Hii!! Add me. I've been pretty active every day, and I'm definitely a horse person :)

    I'm 24, in my last year of college (lots of major changes!!!), and I ride English. I used to train for eventing, but just recently switched to only dressage. Mostly because of costs, and because of horse.
    I own a Morgan/Arab cross, and his name is Punky. I've had him for 11 years, and he's about 25ish. No more jumping for him!!
    But, he's a great horse. He is currently being leased by a little girl that loves him (as my level has surpassed his- but him and I still have rides/fun together :) ).
    So I'm leasing a 16.3 hh Thoroughbred. Did I mention Punk is only 14.3? :-p

    Ben (the TB) is a big baby. And a chicken. He spooks at his own shadow.
    Needless to say, he's very, very difficult to ride. He has a huge stride, with suspension that'll shoot you into the rafters. On top of that, he's very strong, and spooky.
    I'm the only one brave enough to ride him.

    But he came as a hunter, and I've been training him in dressage.
    He also has a broken jaw. Don't know how. He's 11, he came to us (the barn) a year and a half ago. He can now do some first level movements :)

    WOW can I blather on about my horses. But yeah!! Add me please! Horse people are always welcome, and I always need more motivation. Just please include a message that you're a fellow horse lover :)
  • :) I'm an active horse person !I live in Australia. I used to own two horses. An arab x quarter horse called Mysti. She was 13.2 hands and a palimino. She was the sweetest horse but I grew out of her. My other horse Jay was 14.3 hh stock horse x. He was funny and tempermental and a little challenging. In the end we had to sell him because we didn't have enough time or money to keep him.

    Now I just ride of a weekend and its killing me! I will be going to uni in a year or two but after that I can't wait to get another horse. I mostly do trail riding but would love to try western and some trick riding.
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    HI! I'm 44 year old Mom of 2 teenagers, 3 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats! You could say I'm a bit of an animal person--not just a horse person! lol I have a 5 year old Appendix mare named Hottie, an 8 year old Qtr. Horse mare named Shadow Marie and my favorite old guy Nacho, my 24 year old, big ol' 16 hh grade Qtr/Morgan cross who thinks he's still 5 and leaves our young'ins in the dust on trail rides. He's my inspiration for getting in shape so we can do some competitive trail rides this Summer. I need to slim down so he and I can keep riding together and I don't wear him out! He loves to go, and he's counting on me. I'm also wanting to get back doing some dressage with my 8 year old qtr. mare who is my daughters eventing mount--but haven't dared ride her until I get my centered riding self (and my confidence) back. I don't bounce real well anymore! Plus my big ol' butt overflows my dressage saddle (big sigh), but not for long!
  • Hi everyone! I'm active on MFP, but not as active in the equine world anymore. Up until June, I was working at a dressage training stable and riding some really fancy warmbloods professionally. My last horse was a sweet grey Irish Thoroughbred gelding named Jimmy D. He was my event horse - while we didn't compete very much (college budget!) we schooled through prelim. He's now enjoying retirement as a therapeutic riding horse.

    I'm not riding very much now, but might return to it in the spring. It's still my favorite form of exercise and a decent way to earn a little side cash!

    My Jimmy D!
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    Hey guys! I'm also an active person on here. I'm 26 and just bought my first horse, Lily, last year. She's a 9 year old stock quarter horse and I love her to death.

    We just started our jumping lessons again since Luna was weaned (Lily unexpectedly had a foal...which is how I came to buy her) and I'm happy to report we have made it back up to our 2'6" height as of yesterday. Highest I have jumped since July and oh man did I miss it! I am so looking forward to helping her achieve higher heights and maybe even competing this summer.

    When we aren't in lessons we work on very basic flat work as Lily needs a lot of work yet. She was a lesson horse before I bought her so she has to unlearn all the bad habits while she gets back into shape.

    I am really hoping to get her out on some trails this summer! I have taken her out alone on the road and she does just fine. Not herd bound or barn sour at all. She seems to really enjoy our little rides outside.

    Feel free to add me. Everyone needs some horsey friends!
  • Hello! I am kind of new here. I signed up on MFP in January 2013 and have been working hard to lose a little excess weight. I have been riding since 1980 and am riding horses here and there until I can afford to get my own again. I rode Hunter / Jumper, tried eventing, western and am probably settling in somewhere between dressage and hunter. I try to adapt to whatever horse is available to be ridden. I also enjoy running and going to the gym to get in some calorie burn during the workday.

    Is there anyone in or near the northern Baltimore County (Maryland) area that wants to ride together?

    Happy healthy days everyone!
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    Sorry, I'm a bit far away to ride with you - but welcome!
  • Hello everyone. I currently have two horses. Both paints, a buckskin overo and a black tovero. I ride mostly English, but I love to just hop on bareback and go for rides down the road. I have been riding on and off since I was little, but have really only focused on it since I bought my first horse 8 or so years ago. My favorite thing to do is basically trail ride. I'm just starting to finally ride again after a bit of an accident.
    I also like to do other things as well. I love being outside, and could spend my days hiking, camping, etc. As far as fitness goes besides riding; I love my MMA class, going to the gym, walking, swimming, and hopefully I'll be able to find a yoga class soon.
    I would like to find more horse people on here as well!
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    I'm MFP-active, even if not (to date) in this group. I'm in the Los Angeles area and have never had my own horse, but at 54, I'm getting ever closer to that reality. I rode as much as possible when young, schooled in hunt seat and jumping in my early 20s, and started riding again last Sept. after putting in about 3 hours over the past 25 years (so sad!). I currently take lessons 2x/wk, focusing on Western equitation. I very much respect Buck Brannaman and his teachings and recently attended one of his clinics (as spectator).
    Riding and horses has become quite a spiritual/energetic undertaking, something I never expected -- it shows me what no longer serves me and lets me know what I've been able to clear and move through, all with the horses' help. It's become a highly metaphoric activity. And a couple of the school horses are benefiting from healing in ways I never imagined, as a connection between us grows. Blows my mind at times. All while I get to exercise (okay, play) in the outdoors and honor my inner cowgirl!
    ~ Laurice
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    Hi everyone -

    I have been on MFP for over a year and I log in every day. I have at least 50lbs to lose and it has been a slow process!
    I have two horses - Snazzy who is a 15.2hh, 18 y/o sorrel QH gelding. He has some arthritis in his hocks so my daughter (she is 7) rides him. He is really her horse. I have shown him in local level open shows and so has my daughter. He isn't fancy but he is dead solid and one of the best kid ponies I have ever met. Lonesome is a 16.1hh, 20 y/o (going on 10) Palomino Paint gelding. Lonesome was free to me and was very skinny when I got him. The owner had not had him for very long and she didn't know much about him other than he had been a hunter horse and a trail horse. Turns out he knows A LOT. He is a little rusty but we are currently working on western dressage. I am a western rider and tried to get him to slow down but it just isn't his style, his a big mover and knows his stuff so I decided to meet him in the middle and try something better suited for him. It seems that WD will be our forte'. My first WD show with him will be in June. I ride western obviously. I used to show Paint horses a lot but kids, life, etc. toned that down a bit and now I just enjoy small open shows with my daughter. I love trail riding and we have a lot of lakes and woods to ride in around here. I try to go every weekend. I have a small place with about 10 acres where I keep my horses. I live in Fort Worth, TX. Anyone can feel free to add me. I love to talk horses and can always use more MFP friends!
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    Very active on MFP. I ride a Standardbred mare named Bronte. English, dressage, trail riding.
    Feel free to add me! :)
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    Hi everyone! I've been logging for about a month now and am looking for more horsie friends to help encourage/be encouraged by to lose weight for better riding!

    I've got a 20 yr old Arabian gelding who is a fantastic partner in dressage. We're both pretty lazy and so we're not so much into a show circuit - just about learning our craft better and having a good time doing so. As an adult amateur I feel like it took me 7 years to finally get a proper seat, but hey! Better late than never.

    He's a spunky old guy but I feel bad - I made a promise when I stuck him on a diet (he was eating two horses' worth of food stealing from a pasturemate) and made him lose 100 lbs. I told him I'd lose 30 to be fair. The first 10 melted off like butter and now nothing is changing for weeks, so I'm definitely in a slump and looking for more friends to help motivate.

    Anyway, great group, glad to be a part of it, and hope you'll add me! :)
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm an Eventer in training at Kenlyn Arabians in CO, used to ride at Aurora Stables. I'm so glad that I switched because AS was primarily Hunters, had a few Jumpers and flat out didn't offer Dressage and didn't have access to trails, whereas KA does it all! I recently bought my own Arabian mare from them who I couldn't be happier with, named PS Prairi Rose.

    She was never properly trained before coming to them about a year ago to be used as a broodmare, so right now we're working on rhythm while carrying a rider - the trainers here have been super helpful! They're also not afraid to use what works when it comes to desensitizing - my mare used to jump like you stabbed her with hot spurs when you just laid your calves against her for simple walking around. A few times in the round pen with a beaten up western saddle and chaps draped on her butt fixed that. ;)

    I've lunged her over low X's and she kept wanting to come back to them! I need to lose 30 lbs before I can start jumping with her, as she's 1 digit away from being pony-sized. I can't wait! I've been going cuckoo not being able to even trailer her down to the CO Horse Park in Parker for clinics!

    Please feel free to add me!
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    Hullo! I'm a horse nut too. I have an 8 yo TB gelding named Darcy - he's a rescue, this is his official blurb http://www.schrar.net/sc-spirit
    and an almost 30yo Welsh gelding called Gold - he was my first horse when I was 6.

    Rode Darcy in his first dressage test on Sunday, just walk-trot - not perfect, but I was pretty damn pleased with how well he did.

    I'm trying to lose weight partly to lighten his load and be a better rider. Wanting to quietly bring him into occasional competitions - eventing, dressage, showjumping - not super ambitious, just for fun and our development.
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    Hello! Another horse mad gal here! I have 2 horses, plus 1 that I ride for a friend.

    My main girl, Key, has just had the all clear from the vet to come back into full work after a long layoff thanks to injuries, colic and ulcers. Can't wait for her to get back into the swing of things. My goals with her is to get back eventing, only intro level this year, with hopefully a step up to prelim next year. She's also a pretty handy dressage horse, and is training elementary/medium level, so I'm hoping to get her out competing at elementary level, with aims of going medium once we get our flying changes sorted out! Oh, and she's a 9 year old Thoroughbred that had 11 starts as a racehorse before retiring.

    I also have a QHxTB filly, she's only just 6 months old and has just been weaned. Goals with her this year is to get her halter broken, float trained and to have her picking up her feet.

    Last, but not least, is Rhett. He's a purebred Friesian, is 7 and belongs to a really good friend of mine. I've been riding him off and on for the last 5 years. He's a dressage horse, but he's only really just grown a brain and is now able to cope with the higher movements. Plans are to have him out and about competing at Elementary dressage by the end of the year, and Medium at some point early next year. According to my Dutch coach, he will go FEI without to much dramas, so that is our aim. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get there, we darn well will!

    I'm always looking for horsey friends, so feel free to add me :)
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    I'm an active horsegirl too and try to log in on MFP every day. I've got 3 horses, 2 geldings and a stallion. My one gelding, Quaker, turn 17 this year and I've had him since he was 2,5 years old. He is retired, because he is almost permanently lame. (completely fine until he runs a little or go faster than a trot!) My stallion, Clodan, turns 8 this year. I've bred him myself. I do a little bit of Western Riding with him. His halbrother, Nicholis, turns 6 this year and I've also bred him. I only started riding him last year when he turned 5.
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    Hi Kidostud, are you riding treeless? Looks like it in your photos. I've been treeless for nearly a year and wouldn't go back!