back pain?

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Seems like several of us have mentioned back pain. Did you all have back trouble before doing Turbo Jam?

I had a herniated disc in my lower back over a year ago... didn't know it at the time and thought I was pretty much over the back pain I had been having so wanted to get back to doing exercise, again... had been training for my first 5K and doing some turbo jam. So, after having rested a few days after having the back problem... I did Cardio Party and later that day and especially the next day was in terrible pain, again. A few days later I was diagnosed with the herniated disc. I am pretty certain that Turbo Jam did NOT cause it, but did exacerbate it. My extreme back pain & sciatica suddenly started a week before doing that last Cardio Party and it was after having driven clear across the country and helping someone move. Lifting and moving heavy boxes, etc. I should have taken it easier instead of pushing it by playing racquetball and then later doing the DVD.

So, I just wanted to know if it has actually caused any back pain for anyone? I realize if it is not done correctly, of course, can cause problems. Once again, I do NOT think that it caused the herniated disc. One does not do things like aerobic DVDs when they have a herniated disc, and that is what I did. :blushing:

Thanks y'all!


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    I have had lower back problems since my 2nd pregnancy.Not exactly sure what it was that caused the back pain besides being over 200 lbs at the time. I still have back pain from time to time but Turbo Jam is not the cause. Actually, Turbo Jam has been the one workout program that I can do without aggrivating my lower back. :) I do know that the Brazil Butt Lift program really irritated my back problems, bad. I had to give it up and opted to try TurboFire since I had success with Turbo Jam.
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    Hey Linda and Mary,

    I noticed my back pain started after starting TJ but was also in the middle of ChaLEAN Extreme and was starting to lift heavier weights in that I can't be sure what has started it. The pain has started to lessen. I'm thinking maybe those back muscles are getting stronger. (?) Trying to listen more to my body.

    Mary-glad you mentioned that about BBL. I was considering that program but will probably hold off for now.

    Hope you gals are having a terrific (pain free) day! :bigsmile: