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Hi! I just started eating more to lose weight last week and this is my second week. After thanksgiving holiday I decided to change my lifestyle and lose weight by deiting and exercising. I joined MFP and did the low calorie thing for about a month and I lost about 11ibs. There were some weeks I didn't lose anything. Between last week and now when I start EM2LW I have gained 2.2ibs. I wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing, I am having a little doubts. Please can someone help me out? I am 5'7=67 inches, currently 226.2ibs, female and 30 years old.
I exercise about 4 days a week.
Mondays, Wednesday, friday and saturday I do Billy Blanks bootcamp/jillian michaels/hasfit exercise, or some other strength training video- could be 55 mins or 30 mins long
I used the scooby calculator and it gave me my TDEE as 2786 15% cut 2368
Is that correct?
Please someone help me and I need some friends to help keep on track.



  • HeidiHoMom
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    That looks about right to me.

    Gaining 2.2 lbs over the course of 2 weeks is not a big deal. It could be water retention or anything.

    You really need to give it a good 12 weeks to see any patterns in gains or losses.

    Eating with a smaller deficit is a much slower process on the scale but better things are happening inside your body when you are fueling it properly.

    I had a 12 week plateau where I didn't lose anything. I stuck it out and finally started losing again.
  • joys19
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    Thanks for your reply. I do see some improvements with my physique. I'm going to stick it out and hope for the best.