Tea in dorms

concavity Posts: 143 Member
I live in a dorm so I do have access to a stove but I don't like having to walk all the way to the other side and downstairs to get to the kitchen.
I love tea but I can't stand when its microwaved. Does anyone know of any good teapots non whistling please! That I can use? Or electric water heaters?


  • Have you tried an electric kettle? I managed to get one as a freshman for about 20 bucks at a local Target (not sure of your location) and I'm a junior and it still works great. Plus, I can even make hard boiled eggs out of it.
  • tpfoodie
    tpfoodie Posts: 148 Member
    The electric water heater is THE BEST thing you can have for tea in your room! It boils water in less than five minutes, and it's right there. :) Good luck.
  • concavity
    concavity Posts: 143 Member
    Oo I never heard of an electric kettle. I'm near a target actually so I will def check that out when I get a free day.
    Thank you !
  • Jendaby
    Jendaby Posts: 7
    I <3 my Aroma AWK-115S Hot H20 X-Press 1-1/2-Liter Cordless Water Kettle! :) It doesn't whistle, and heats enough water for me to make a pot of tea while studying. Best wishes!